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Travelling from Building to Building

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Travelling from Building to Building
Hello there, I'm starting to plan out my courses as a first year life sci student, and I'm worried about having back-to-back classes in different places. For example, on Friday, I've got physics at BSB, then right after I've got biology at CNH, and then math at TSH. Does it take a long time to go from building to building in between classes, or should I change my timetable so that I can get to my classes on time? Any information about choosing classes for uni would be appreciated too, cuz I've got no idea what to choose
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In general, the 10 minutes between classes is enough time to get across campus, though you have to walk quite quickly.

Specifically, your example of BSB to CNH to TSH isn't bad at all. CNH and TSH are attached via hallways, and BSB is fairly close to the student centre (which is also attached to CNH and TSH via those hallways, though it would be faster to go from BSB to CNH outside).
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Hi All those buildings are within the same part of campus so you don't have to worry! BSB and CNH are under 5 minutes away from each other and CNH + TSH are right next to each other (they're actually connected via their basement so you won't even need to go outside to move between classes -- a life saver in Winter).

For your courses, I think the best plan is to consider where you're headed after first year. Second year programs will have different requirements for entry and you want to make sure you have those. Most science programs will have overlapping first year requirements so my first year was basically all required courses with 2 Chems, 2 Bios, 1 Physics, 1 Math, 2 Psychs, 2 electives.

Here is where you can see the various programs Mac offers and the entry requirements:
http://academiccalendars.rom &navoid=4569

And here is the Life Sci 1 Requirements:
http://academiccalendars.rom cmaste... eturnto=4569

Good luck!
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Don't worry, the campus is really small when you get to know it, from one end of the campus to the other is a max 10-12 minute walk.

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