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Tuition Fees and Possible Tuition Reduction due to Headstart/LEAP

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Tuition Fees and Possible Tuition Reduction due to Headstart/LEAP
Okay I am interested in participating in LEAP/Headstart.
It cost $1600 for getting the credits ENG 1P03 and ENG 1C03. Therefore, it comes up to $266.66 /credit.

From 1.pdf
Tuition fees are $251.88/credit or $8,917.78/33 credit… Not $8312.04/33 credits
Engineering Level I is 37 credits, but the chart only goes up to 33 credits.

1. Do you pay for 33 credits even if you take 37 credits?

2. If not, would tuition would be $9925.30= 8917.78+ (4x251.88)?

3. If I do Headstart, can I organize my timetable so I start taking second year courses second term?

If you only pay for max of 33 credits and I take Headstart, I would pay $10,039.50
But if 37 credits actually cost 9925.30 and I take Headstart, I would pay $11525.30

The reason why I am asking is if 37 credits cost 33 credits, which is $8,917.78 LEAP is not worth it for me.

Answers any of my question would kindly be appreciated
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As far as i know, even if your 39 units (like me), you still pay the same as 33 units (which is max). There was a chart posted earlier that showed that 33 units was the highest price, and I guess anything more is just billed as 33 units.
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The tuition thing has always been a little wonky.

In my Level II year, I got charged for 33 units when I took 33 units.

But when I got added a four unit course, I ended up being charged for 34 units (when I actually took 37).

When I tried to add another four-unit course via permission to overload, I got charged for 38 units (while actually taking 41).

In first-year, being a student from Headstart myself, I was charged for 31 units - but at $205.03/unit, instead of the $189.84 indicated here.

This is before supplementary fees too.

Originally Posted by MacPack View Post
2. If not, would tuition would be $9925.30= 8917.78+ (4x251.88)?

3. If I do Headstart, can I organize my timetable so I start taking second year courses second term?
2. I'm not certain about #1, but notice that from 18-30 units, each additional unit costs $250.04, but from 31-33 units, each additional unit costs $239.14.

So if anything, 37 units would cost $8917.78+ (4*$239.14) = $9874.34

3. If you mean second-year Eng courses, I don't think you'll be able to since you don't know which department you're going into yet. If you have free choice, you might be able to negotiate permission to take something, but you should check which courses have prereqs and see if you fulfilled them first.

The only course you don't need permission for that comes to mind is Chem 1AA3, which is required for second-year Chem, Chem and Bio, Elec and Biomed, and Materials Engineering.

If you're referring to second-year non-Eng courses, or electives, then keep in mind that a lot of level II courses require you to be in level II or above (see: here) so you won't be able to take those without permission either.

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