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Unsure about program

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Unsure about program

I got accepted into life sci, kinesiology, and engineering.

Right now I am unsure as to what I want to do in the future. Ultimately, it is up to me I know. Just need some suggestions? Which program would be most desirable if I wanted to go into teaching (math, physics as teachables) or some math related career (actuarial science?) Thanks.
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You want to avoid engineering possibly if you want to go into teaching. You'll need a total of 30 units of your first teachable and 18 units of your second teachable to qualify (I think ... don't quote me on that; always do your own research to be sure). Engineering won't give you the freedom to pick that many electives that fit those requirements.

Both kin and life sciences will allow you to do so as they can have quite a bit of elective space. However, first year life sciences (Life Sciences I) is NOT the same as the Honours Life Sciences program. Life Sciences I is a "gateway" program - everyone goes into it for first year before picking a major in second year. This major can be specialized like Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Biology, etc. Or you can choose to major in general life sciences for the last 3 years of your degree (Honours Life Sciences). If you go into kin, you stay in kin for all 4 years.

If I were you, I would go with Life Sciences I. It's very flexible and you can choose what interests you at the end of first year. You can also end up specializing in Physics or going into Math and Stats, both of which would make it really easy for you to fulfill your teachable prereqs. That said, if kin is more interesting to you, go for it if you can still get where you want to be in 4 years.

I recommend going through the McMaster Undergraduate Calendar (google it), looking at the requirements of each program and seeing what courses you need to take. And keep in mind what you want to do (i.e. teaching) because it'll be hard to get in if you mess up your course selection.

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Oh alright thanks alot! . If I'm going into life sci first year and planning on streaming into honours actuarial and financial mathematics II, can I still do so while taking MATH 1LS3 and 1LT3 or is 1A03 and 1AA3 better?
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Why dont you talk to academic advisor or something, you really wanna make decision about your future based on internet dwellers' opinions?

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