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Admitted to Social Sciences I, will i be able to switch into the BIOPSYCH program?

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Admitted to Social Sciences I, will i be able to switch into the BIOPSYCH program?
Hey Mac!

I got accepted into the Social Sciences I program and its too late to apply to Life Sciences I now, so i was wondering, if i accepted my offer of admission to social sciences, would i be able to switch into the biopsych program or even just life sciences?

so confusing for me, because i really love mcmaster and i really want to go here but .. social science isnt really my cup of tea, but im willing to stick it through if i can switch later on!

thanks so much

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Hey! Congrats on the acceptance.
If I were you, I would call the office of the registrar, and they'll direct you as such.
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But I do know that to switch programs you need a pretty good average, and sometimes it's harder to get into programs because kids coming in from high school get prior advantage. (I've heard that for some programs, like Kin).
Good luck!

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Yes you most certainly can.

Because most first year programs are pretty general, you will have ample choice when it comes to course selection. A good idea is to take a look at what is required for the life sciences program and take courses that will allow you to get into Life Sciences/BioPsych. Assuming you maintain a cumulative average that is around or above 8, you should have little trouble transferring in.

For details take a look in the Undergrad Calendar under Faculty of Science and the programs that you want to learn about.

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