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Anthro 3L03

Anthro 3L03
History of Anthropology
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Anthro 3L03

I did not like this course, and the fact that it was a three hour night class likely did not help the situation. I found I spent a great deal of my time sleeping in the back of class.

I found the content very dry...nothing like 15th-20th century anthropological theory to bore the pants off of you.

The major term paper saved this course for me...I got to write on whatever I wanted, which was nice.

Our final exam was ridiculously hard. I studied for over 20 hours and still didn't know how to answer most of the multiple choice questions that composed our exam.
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Anthro 3L03 2008
my experience in this class was pretty different.
it was taught by a new prof, dr. yong.
he clearly hated the class, as did many of the students.

i personally didn't mind it that much. it was pretty boring, and the readings were tedious and long.
he also didn't make a coursepack, forcing us to photocopy $15 worth of readings that were on course reserve at the library.

  • 4 middle stakes (basically one page single spaced summaries of readings. he shortened it to 3)ake
  • midterm paper (8-10 pages)
  • take home exam essay (8-10 pages)
  • attendance and participation
overall, i think he would be a very interesting prof perhaps in a different course situation. he had a lot of stories about field work which are always fun to hear.
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