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Attending ECON 1BB3 Lectures?

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Attending ECON 1BB3 Lectures?
Well, long story short, first year engineering electives suck balls.

So I'm stuck with ECON 1BB3, since it's a piece of pie. However, I'd have to miss two out of three lectures every week.

Now, last semester, the one that just ended, I had microeconomics, and truthfully, the lectures taught me little. Does first year macroeconomics have online notes/lectures and the likes? (I learned a good 80-90% of the material outside of lectures using the lecture notes). Is there any "I-clicker" participation marks?

Any alternate electives suggestions would also be nice, I'd be willing to work around things to a degree, but I have 11:30-12:20 and 1:30-2:20 free every day except Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

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In that course (my teacher was O'shaughnessy) or something like that, she uploaded ALL her lectures online. Sometimes it took a few days to upload, but they all got up there.
The iclicker participation marks I don't know if they exist, think its just a guage to see if the class understands the topic, and if they do, she can move on. My teacher did NOT upload her lecture notes, only the lecture video, but on the whole, class was pretty much a breeze, and if you can do basic math, and pay attention to your lecture (online/offline) you will do fine.
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The iClicker counts nothing in macroeconomics. And there are podcast videos online. To me, the lectures are somewhat useful. I took notes from the lecture and even used that for revision for final. The Powerpoint isn't great though. But together with lecturer's explanation, you'll learn something at least.
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I had Sengupta or something like that and I went to about 3 lectures all year and finished with a B+. Might have done better if i did go to more classes, but the point is, if you miss a bunch you can still do fairly well.

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