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Attending Lectures and tutorials

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Attending Lectures and tutorials
Alright I got a very important question on this topic. Let's say I have classes on a thursday where I go to downtown Toronto ONCE per month for braces check up. I know that there is a bus that goes from sq1 to Union Station, but not all my classes are early. If I miss a lecture, they are usually posted online correct?
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Well it varies between courses. Most profs will post lecture notes before or after lecture, but will supplement them with information during lecture. Some courses record their lectures and post them later on Avenue. Best thing is to ask your prof how they do it.
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What if I stay on top of my readings and read before hand?
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To be honest, attendance does not exist in lectures since there's so many students in first year classes. It is your responsibility to attend lectures and obtain the information needed to pass the exam or upcoming mid terms or assignments. Most profs do post their lecture notes a day before the actual lecture. If you stay on top of your readings and feel that you are confident with the material being taught in the next lecture, then I'd say you are fine. There are some classes where profs will test you on facts that they have said in lecture only but I am sure you can get the information from some friends who are in the same class as you are.
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Like winter02 said, just try to make a friend or 2 in the class who can fill you in on exactly what you missed. Very seldom will you do a lot worse on a test because you missed a single test (as long as you keep up with the work on your own time and have someone fill you in on any important details you missed).

Just make sure you don't fall into a habit of skipping a class here and a class there, 'cause trust me that will add up quickly and just forge a horrible habit (take it from my experience of it lol). Good luck!
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Missing 1 lecture/month is still significant. Studies show that attendance strongly correlates with grades and students perform best on material they are present to hear. I would strongly consider moving your checkups, as things of that nature are typically negotiable. Your orthodontist will completely understand.
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Simply move your appointment to a day/time that doesn't conflict with classes... shouldn't be too hard, especially for a 2:30 timeslot (a typical lab time)

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