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When is the best time to sign a lease?

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When is the best time to sign a lease?
My boyfriend and I are planning on moving into an apartment next year near school. When is the best time to sign a lease? We plan to start looking on Christmas break, but when does everyone sign their lease? I don't want to wait too long and everything gets taken.

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So far I've signed when I found something I liked. It hasn't failed me yet.

You really have to do a bunch of research before you decide on a place though.
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Typically landlords ask their current tenants whether they are renewing leases in the new'll start to see lots of 'for rent' signs go up in Jan/Feb when the new semester starts. Most students begin looking then and as DannyV said, they sign when they find one they want.
That was my experience looking for houses around the McMaster area, I'm not too sure if it's different for appartments, but hopefully that helps a bit
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Like Ashlie said, the best time to look around is sometime in January or February. March is a little late but you should also be able to find a bunch of places at that time.
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Originally Posted by Kathy2 View Post
We plan to start looking on Christmas break, but when does everyone sign their lease?
From my experience, most students begin to sign leases in Feb/March.
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never teheheee....or as late as possible (my earliest sign was in August if that tells you anything)

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Last year, my friends and I started looking in February, and it was slim pickings. Start looking now, but don't expect a lot to show up until December/January.
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people always freak out about this near jan/feb. didn't sign until school ended, but found a place way better than most that we've seen before.
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I've never signed a lease but in residence sessions on moving off-campus etc they always say wait until you find something you like and you've checked everything out. You don't want to get stuck in a bad lease with sketchy land lords. Don't get panicky that all the housing will be taken, the market is over saturated and apparently most available student doesn't even get used. There is tons available, just make sure you make an informed decision before signing. Don't worry that you won't have anywhere to live and sign something hastily.

Also take advantage of resources. They have a place on campus, I can't recall where it is now but they can look over a lease before you sign it and help you figure out if you're potentially being sucked into a bad deal. They can give you advice on points in the lease you should negotiate and ones that are traps etc.
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In addition to what has been said so far, find upper year students who will be moving out of apartments that you would want to live in. They can tell you the ins and outs of the place.

I live in a place that a friend of mine had lived in for three years, so we transferred a bunch of bills over etc. Saved us a ton of initial startup costs on things like the internet and Horizons utility bill etc.

P.S. Fadil you are NOT allowed to talk about leases.
Old 10-13-2009 at 01:54 PM   #11
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lol you do know I did find a house back in February, Rohan. I signed the lease and everything but realized due to some circumstances, living there wouldn't be a wise choice. A friend of mine replaced me and ended up living in the room instead.
Old 10-13-2009 at 02:44 PM   #12
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Thanks for all the help guys! I'm actually graduating this year and my boyfriend is going into fifth year (engineering), so most of our friends are graduating and moving away. We'll talk to them and see their places. Thanks again!

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