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BioChem vs. ChemBio

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BioChem vs. ChemBio
Can anybody explain to me the difference between these two majors?
And maybe some advice and insight on what its like (if ur currently majoring in one of them)

Kevin Yin
Chemical Biology IV
|Economics (minor)
President, McMaster Undergraduate Society for the Chemical Sciences
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i too await the responses
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Guess you weren't in Hatala's class today. =\

I don't remember much, since that part of the lecture doesn't apply to me, but I think Chem Bio is more the applications, whereas Biochem deals more with the molecular chemistry. I could be way off though.

The analogy I imagine is psychiatry vs. psychology: psychology is essentially applied phychiatry the same way Chem Bio is applied Biochem.

...But then again, I don't know much about that field either, so I'm sort of just waiting for someone to come in and tear this post apart. =\

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Chem bio is more 'chemistry' based (you take biophysical chem, analytical chem), and is a much smaller program.
Biochem is very lab / research intensive. if you are not a fan of pipetting / biotechnology, 2nd year will be difficult to get through.
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here is an example.
bio chem will tell you here is an enzyme and this is what it does.
chem bio will you here is what the enzyme looks (chemical stucture) and thats why it does what it does
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Yea Hatala explained it really well today. Basically Biochemistry looks at the bigger picture of biological processes, (i.e. proteins and how substrates fit into enzymes in a metabolic process) whereas Chemical Biology would be with the department of chemistry (and is really a unique program) where you look at chemical details of biology, (i.e. looking closely at individual chemical reactions in biology)

There's a Program fair for Level II options i think on Feb 4th if you're interested, you should definitely go and meet the faculty and ask questions about the programs and what they offer.


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