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Can I get a MacWork position If I do not qualify for the Macwork program?

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I was interviewed and given a position at Mcmaster for the summer and fall, problem is since I am a first year student I do not qualify for the summer employment. They are waiting for me to submit the form to financial aid. Have you heard of employers in the Macwork program working with students not in the Macowkr program? They are relying on government funding.

Also, am I eligible to work in the fall term in the program if I qualify for OSAP? In the conditions it says must have been a student in the most recent fall/winter session...

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I would recommend emailing the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office at [email protected] for clarification, but as I understand it, if you submit your OSAP application ASAP and receive any amount of funding, you should be approved for McWork.

No, you cannot hold a McWork position if you do not qualify for OSAP, so get in your documentation.

I imagine you would be able to start in the fall, as that seems like the "most recent" fall/winter session.

Email OSAP though; they respond fairly quickly and are always incredibly helpful. They can also give you a certain answer.

Emma Ali
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No, you can't hold a McWork position without being approved for the McWork program.
If you qualify for OSAP, you automatically qualify for McWork. You just need to go on MUGSI and print off your approval form.

The conditions that say you must have been a student in the previous session are probably void. The McWork program used to be only for second year and above. I don't think that's the case anymore.
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You can be approved for McWork without qualifying for OSAP, I just think you need to have applied. If you weren't given any funding, then you need to fill out some more forms (budgeting stuff) because you're not automatically approved.
Not sure how it works with first-years, though.

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