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Casio FX-991ES or Casio FX991MS ?

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Casio FX-991ES or Casio FX991MS ?

i m just wondering, which one of them is allowed to use in Univ. Casio FX-991ES or Casio FX991MS ? I m Engineering 1 student. i hv fx-991es already.. will it work?

thanks in advance!!!
Engineering Level 1
Les Prince

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If it looks enough like the MS (black/dark blue), then you may able to get away with it.

However, some TAs/invigilators may not let you use the ES because it's technically not the approved mac calculator.

If in doubt, buy the MS.
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Invigilators can sometimes be random people not even attending the school, i would suggest just getting the generic bookstore version so theres no confusion. These people are just following their jobs, and told that only one particular calculator can be used, i had the ES but i could never get a straight answer as to if it would be allowed so i returned it and bought the accepted one.
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Invigilators can be a pain, especially when it comes to calculators. I had one guy who found a piece of tape stuck to the back of my calculator and he took it from me and examined it for a good ten minutes. It's not worth the risk of using a different calculator especially when it's only 20$ and you're going to use it for about 4 years.

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