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Chemical engineering 4

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Chemical engineering 4
Hey guys,
I'm going to start my 4th year in chem eng next year. I was just wondering if anyone knows which courses are relatively easier (i.e. less work load). For example, for technical electives, I was thinking 2 out of 3 ChemEng 4T03, 4X03 and Civil Eng 4V04. I'm not a huge fan of polymer science i.e. 4X03 however, if the course is anything like fluids/heat transfer then I'm good. I mean, any course with less/no memorization and lots of equations and open book test is my thing.
So please let me know what I can do.
Thanks ppl.
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I took Civ Eng 4V04 and it wasn't open book, but the knowledge was pretty basic. Just get your hands on last years (this years) material and you will find that it is very very similar. Easy class to do well in, not very interesting though. It is waste water. You learn it from front to back, so unless this will benefit you in some way, it isn't very interesting.

adeelb says thanks to GregZ for this post.
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Thanks man. I'm already trying to get something from people. Hopefully I'll find something.
Thanks again tho
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I took 4T, and it is extremely interesting. This years exam was only 30% and open book, and a couple questions were given before hand (well they were included in a giant list). It's easy in some ways - easy to do well if you go through the material and include it when writing assignments, not so easy in that the assignments aren't short. There are random participation type marks as well, which were good. Also, no midterms.
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Hey Adeel, I did this for one of my friends some weeks back and just saw your post and decided i'd paste it here for you. I hope you find it useful. Goodluck!

first semester
- Polymer processing. Taught by Thompson. Kinda easy cos 70% of the questions on the midterm and exams were exact same from assignments. We had a cheat sheet but you can't put assignment solutions on there. He comes around to check but well, you can be smart about it

4B03 - Polymer reaction. By Zhu. His review sessions really helped with the midterms and exams. He actually tells you what's on.

4N04 - Engineering Economics. By Mhaskar. Compulsory for everyone

4L02- Advanced lab skills. By Hoare. Compulsory for everyone.

4E03- Digital Process controls. By Jie Yu. needed for Process

1AA3 - Health and Aging. Complementary elective.

Second Semester

3BM3 - Polymers course taught by Ghosh. Not bad yet. 60% exam, 3 assignments, 1 midterm and a research paper. Assignment questions were from his book.

4G03 - Optimisation. By Kostas. was hard for me but seems useful. Need for Process.

4V04 - Civ eng. By Ana. Seems like easy marks but you do a lot of work. Has labs.

4A03 - Ethics course. By Joel. Compulsory

4C03 - Stats. by Kevin Dunn. Amazing course and probably the best I've had. The guy is too smart. compulsory

4W04- I did the Process Capstone course. By Mahalec. Guy is a bit intimidating cos he knows his stuff so you can't bullshit. Used to be AspenTech VP of Technology. A bit more scary at first cos he'll ask questions and call your name to answer but you get used to it. He's more freestyle and doesn't spoon-feed you. He wont give you a schedule. He gives you the project and you have to make a schedule and show him how you'll be proceeding. Weekly or bi-weekly progress presentations to show what you've done...if you're on schedule or not and how you plan to get back on track. He's more like a real work-place boss.
You can do any of the 3 capstones (Process, Polymers or Environmental) and still stream in whatever you want. The environmental and Polymer guys are more structured and they have deadlines for stuff. They sort of walk you through the entire course

Mind you though these course combinations satisfy all the course requirements for both process and polymers. For 4L02 you do 3 labs and they're not the same for everyone. You'd have to do at least one lab for the stream you want to specialise in. I picked Ph which satisfied the process stream, polymer rheology for polymers and hemodialysis was a random one. You pick and Hoare distributes so you might not get all of the labs you picked but at least one of them will be for the stream you want. I just got lucky and got both polymers and ph.

Anyways guys enjoy. Goodluck!

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