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is coop and and an exchange possible? exchange to france if i'm not fluent in french?

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is coop and and an exchange possible? exchange to france if i'm not fluent in french?
i want to do a co-op program which would start in 3rd year summer. would this conflict at all if i wanted to do an exchange somewhere? how and when would i sign up for an exchange? and what year would it normally take place in?

also i took french up until grade 12 but i didn't sign up for any french courses for 1st year. i wasn't that great at it but i would really like to get better. should i take it in 2nd year if i have room? would it help me get better at the language? also if i wanted to do an exchange in france, would i have to be fluent or are courses offered in english too? because i really doubt i would be able to learn some science course with material that is already hard in english in french...

sorry for so many questions but if someone could help me i would appreciate it so much! (:
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Hmm, if you're going to do an exchange talk to the company/group that organizes it. They are probably going to have all the information you need.

If you're hoping to get fluent in French it probably makes sense to take French courses regardless so if you have room I don't see why not. Learning a language takes lots of time and lots of practice, so if you keep at it you'll be fine.
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For courses in France, they teach a lot of science courses in English. But they also offer them in French with the possibility of taking exams in English, if you want to get more fluent in French that way too.
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If you want to do a co-op program in science, you will have difficulty doing that and an exchange. Your summers will all be work terms, and the only full year you will have is in fourth year, but that is when you do your thesis (which is required for all of these programs except for math/stats).

You can always do a co-op term abroad won't be school, it'll be working, but it's still a good experience. I know someone who didn't speak any German and is now a few months into a co-op term in Germany.

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You could look, there are school that offer courses just in English. May not have the courses you want especially as you get to upper years and start to specialize.
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I just came back from my exchange in France, and it was amazing...if you get the opportunity go for it for sure! I'm in science too, and it was a little difficult having all my classes in French, but you really get used to it quickly. I did not do a French course in 1st year, but I took FRENCH 2M06 in second year and then FRENCH 2B03/2BB3 in the summer after second year so I was prepared to go abroad.

Some rules that were in place when I applied:
- you have to do a placement test in French (for my exchange I had to have 2B03/2BB3)
- you have to be in your second last year of your program (you start applying the year before, so you attend meetings in second year if you're planning on going in 3rd year)

Even if you dont choose France, you can do an exchange to a variety of countries, I highly recommend it! The exchange office is in Gilmour Hall, right beside the Financial Aid office and that's probably a good place to start.

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Several suggestions for you.

Yes you can do an exchange and a co-op placement. However, be warned that this may stretch out your degree by a few months to a year. IMO, there are worse things than taking an extra year at school, especially when you'll have great work experience from your co op and great cultural experiences from your exchange.

Secondly, yes you can do an exchange to France even if you don't speak much French. Complete immersion is the best way to learn a language! I did an internship in France last year and spoke barely any French at the start... it's hard at first but if you want to learn and put in the effort, you will. You'll learn faster than any class you'll ever take, and you'll learn how people actually speak rather than formalities which people may or may not use in real life.

If you don't want to take a French class at university, I highly recommend this program:

Its a five week intensive French-immersion program, at various locations in Quebec and it's free if you get a bursary (which is likely if you're a first time applicant). I know it's a stretch to take 5 weeks off in a summer, especially if you need to work and stuff but it's SO worth it. I did it this past summer and loved it.

From this program, my internship in France, and some self-study to keep up, I'm pretty comfortable in French now and I haven't taken a French class since grade 10. Definitely do-able

Good luck!

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