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Is Course Cancelling Worse than Failling??

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Originally Posted by arathbon View Post
If you're applying to professional schools a cancel is almost always better than a fail or a bad grade, particularly if you only have one or two. Professional schools care more about your average than they do about any individual course. An F or D or even a C can have a huge impact on your professional school average but a cancel has none.

In addition, by canceling you can focus more on your other courses and keep your grades up in them rather than sinking time and effort into a course which is not salvageable. This semester I dropped a course because it was literally taking 50-60% of the time I had to do school work. I was losing sleep (at least 1 all-nighter a week) and struggling in other courses because I had no time to study. Since I have dropped this course all my other courses are going much better. Just some food for thought.
With respect to your second point, in that case it's not just one bad mark that's hurting you...that course is screwing over your entire term, so yeah it would make more sense to drop it then do poorly (and not learn anything!) in any of your other courses.

And no, if you have a few low marks that doesn't hurt your chances of getting into professional school. That includes med school, contrary to popular opinion. You can get into med school with 6's and 7's. Not ALL 6's and 7's, obviously, but if you have a couple of low grades and the rest are pretty decent they'll take that into consideration.

Originally Posted by coffeecappu View Post
for waterloo pharmacy, they dont require phys 1b03
So you're only applying to waterloo? (yeah, they don't require any physics at all )

I think they're much harder to get into than UofT. I didn't apply because I didn't have all their prereq courses, but I know they have never yet filled their class size. They won't send out offers if they don't think the people are a good fit for the program, even if the number of people they accept is way below what their max class size is, which is something to consider. I know some people do only apply to Waterloo to avoid the PCAT, but honestly the PCAT isn't that hard and it gives you so many more options. Again, things to consider.
You seem to think that a 70 in one course is going to prevent you from getting into pharm school...and that's what I was saying is not true. What schools you apply to doesn't really matter, the course it is specifically doesn't really matter. Plenty of people have gotten marks in the 60's-70's and still gotten in, provided those marks are the exception and not the rule. Nor will getting a 70 mean you need to take 1B03, so I'm not really sure where your earlier comment was coming from where the course you were "failing" was 1L03 and so you were never going to take 1B03...
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Originally Posted by coffeecappu View Post
the course i am failing is phy 1l03.. and I AM NEVER TAKING EQUIVALENT COURSE SUCH AS 1B03 BECAUSE WILL FAIL MORE
Originally Posted by coffeecappu View Post
for me, I cancelled a course which i am getting a 70 on.
well, but that's because i want to get into pharm school
if u have a bad grade, they wont even look at your application
but if i am retaking it and get a good grade, at least u get a chance to explain why u did bad on it.
I'm like getting 80s in all other courses, but that's only in the edge of getting in to pharm school, any mark that can affect it for sure is not good.

70 is a good mark. To say you're 'failing' is insulting.

Its a good thing you're going to pharm school, maybe you can find out what sort of impurities are in your daily dose of crack cocaine...

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