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DC++ Mac OS Off Campus

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DC++ Mac OS Off Campus
Does anyone know of a DC++ client for Mac other than ShakesPeer? I would like to get on DC off campus, and yes I do realize that it is nowhere near as fast as on campus. I looked through the VPN instructions, its just that ShakesPeer doesn't offer much in the settings. Suggestions?
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DC++ = win
Mac = fail
DC++ off campus = fail
DC++ + Mac = double fail

I hope this helps.


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To be honest I can't find anything other than ShakesPeer. Also, without some serious work you know you won't be able to connect to the on campus users, right?
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DC++ works fine off campus. The VPN thing is dead... it never took off cause it was waaay too complicated to the average user to setup. The admin forgot to remove the page about it.

Anyway, to get DC++ to work off campus, you need to forward a TCP and UDP port to your computer from your router (I use 60,000).

The whole process is detailed here:
Dillon Dixon
Software Engineering and Embedded Systems
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Hmm, I have a feeling it won't work out to well haha. ShakesPeer has terrible options for settings, you can't do much. I tried another client and it wasn't much help. I suppose I could just run a windows client through Vmware, but I'm not that desperate. I'm decent with computers, but I hate the networking part of it. Thanks for the advice though!

And Macs don't fail!
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lmao don't bother with a mac and off campus dc++

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