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Easy electives

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Easy electives
Hi guys. I am almost finished picking my courses for 2nd year and I got one spot left for an elective. I would be really happy if this elective would end up being an easy course to get a double digit in, so does anyone have any suggestions for 1st or 2nd year elective like that? Oh and please name something that is currently easy, I say this because I heard courses such as natural disaster, gemstones, and water were bird courses but got alot harder.

Please and thank you
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Env Sci 2EI3
Music 2II3
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Agree with ES 2EI3..Great course if taught by Padden
H.BSc (McMaster), M.E.S. (Waterloo)
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Kevin Yin
Chemical Biology IV
|Economics (minor)
President, McMaster Undergraduate Society for the Chemical Sciences
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english 1bb3
Electrical Engineering Alumni
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Eng Phys 4F03. I swears.

Jackie Howe
B. Eng Society (Materials), Minor in Theatre & Film '11
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can't go wrong with econ 1b03. great way to fall asleep in class and still get a good mark.
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I hear Chem 1A03 is pretty easy.
Fightin' the Greek Verb Monster since '09.
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econ definitely, micro (1b03) is amazingly easy lol
Dan Zangari
Biochemistry Year III - Biomedical Sciences Specialization
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econ 1b03 is really easy. I actually found macro even easier, econ 1bb3. They're both easy 12's
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Depending on your background, Bio1P03, Phys1L03 and Chem1R03 could be a joke, if you took them in grade 12.
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take Anthro 1Z03, its all about the origins of humans and it will overlap with the topics discussed in Bio 1M03
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Originally Posted by britb View Post
Depending on your background, Bio1P03, Phys1L03 and Chem1R03 could be a joke, if you took them in grade 12.
I'm pretty sure you can't take Bio 1P03 or Chem 1R03 with credit in Biology and Chemistry 4U. I also wouldn't classify Physics 1L03 as a joke -- it's not that easy to get an amazing grade.

I recommend Linguistics 1A03 because it wasn't overly difficult and the workload wasn't too heavy. I found it to be quite easy, but linguistics isn't the type of class everyone excels in.
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sew12 says thanks to andrew22 for this post.

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