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Economics of Sport - ECON 2P03 (Summer)

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Economics of Sport - ECON 2P03 (Summer)
Hey guys, i know there have been a couple threads on this topic but there was some other info i couldn't find and was hoping this thread could answer those questions.

1) Has anyone taken Econ 2P03 before? It was canceled this past school year and i wasn't able to take it. I plan on taking it in the summer however. Is there alot of math involved? I also hear Hannah Holmes is teaching it and that if it were Dawson it was a huge joke. Iv also heard that if your not a big sports fan this course can be a complete disaster.

Im taking this course because i really really really need a good mark to balance out my average and i am a pretty big sports fan if that matters. How does Hannah Holmes teach this? Is it difficult?

2) Also can you drop a summer school course without financial penalty like you can during the school year? is there a certain date where you can drop it without losing money or the credit?

3) Whats the easiest second or third year course you have taken? As stated before i am simply doing this to bump my average up. Need a fore sure 8-9 course at the very least
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lol if Hannah Holmes is teaching it, you can expect powerpoint slides and her reading them in class, and she'll probably talk a lot about football
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Iv had Hannah Holmes before as a prof and she was a very good teacher...all lecture slides, but i did well.

My question is more related to the course itself rather than the prof. I just wanted to know the extent of math involved, how hard the material is, is there a lot of calculations involved or is just theories and relations like Econ 1B03?

I dont want to regret taking a summer school course to do well and end up finding it difficult
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Lorend? You usually know alot about everything...any help lol?
Old 04-19-2010
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No one has any insight on this course lol? Really? Just wanted a little feedback on the course outline how many tests etc what we learn and all
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My friends took it in Spring of 2009 and were not impressed what-so-ever. Something about the prof being...crap? I'll see if I can remember...

I actually know nothing about Econ (never took a course, nor will I ever have to), I stayed far, far away from that...
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I was about to take it last year, but then someone on MI discouraged me from it because the prof at that time was highly trivia based and stats based and was biased towards baseball and wrestling. It didn't seem to me that the course would be an even ground that covers all sports hence I might lose out on trivia aspect of it because I don't regularly watch baseball(except when Bsox play)
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I want to get into this course as I'm aiming for an economics minor, but it's full Does anyone know who I can email to see if there is anything they can do?
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Go see an academic advisor in your faculty. They can usually open a spot.
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I never took it, but heard that it's much harder than what your initial impression might be ("It's a course about sports. What can go wrong?").
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I did take the course, i think his name was dawson, he's an old guy. It is all trivia. Not sure why its even an econ course, he focuses alot on nhl, baseball, nba and nfl. The course is actually harder than you think. There are alot of memorization and he ends up asking you the weirdest question on the test, questions that you wouldn't expect such as which player switched from the WHA to NHL, thats why you can only do well in this course if you have previous tests. I believe out of the two midterms and the exam there were only 3 calculation questions, there is absolutely nothing thats related to econ, its more like the history of sports and leagues, such as how the nba was started.

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