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Engineering Economics 4B03?

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Engineering Economics 4B03?
Are there any upper year engineers who have taken this course? I was surprised that there were no course reviews for it, considering it's not exactly optional.

I've heard the horror stories; that a ridiculous number of people fail this course/take it over the summer or at another university because it's brutal during the school year.

Does anyone have any feedback?
Would you say the workload is comparable to a typical Eng course?
Would you recommend taking it over the summer if possible? (The only reason I'm reluctant to do that is because I hate taking more than one class over the summer).
Does the prof expect a basic knowledge of econ already (I've never taken an Econ course in my life)?

Thanks in advance!
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I'm taking it as a summer course this years due to
a) Siva's general brutality
b) lightening my final year course load

Summer courses are generally a bit easier... I've heard good things about taking this one ahead (you also have another chance before you graduate in case you fail!)
Jackie Howe
B. Eng Society (Materials), Minor in Theatre & Film '11
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looking at the course description it looks more like an accounting course than economics
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Originally Posted by FireDragoonX View Post
looking at the course description it looks more like an accounting course than economics
Haha, I have no experience whatsoever in either field which is why I'm scared for this class. I've avoided all business-y subjects like the plague since high school.
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Engineering economics is more about cash flows, etc. Not your traditional theory based micro and macro economics that a lot of people think of when they hear economics. Engineering economics is one of the most practically useful courses you can take and i'm suprised its a fourth year course (unless they just wanted to lighten everyone's load in 4th year) since its pretty straightforward compared to most eng. courses. when I took it, people either did really really good (12's) or really really bad, so maybe it just depends on whether you are someone who gets it or not. Just put a little time into practice problems (since they are mostly word problems and how you are expected to approach it can sometimes be unclear) and i'm sure you will do fine.

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