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Engineering Physics 2A04

Engineering Physics 2A04
Published by soomroau
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Engineering Physics 2A04

Dr Knights is awesome at teaching this course, the course material is basically a review of first year engineering physics course 1E03 with a little more detail. Assignments are pretty straightforward all from the book and and a little bit of common sense. Tutorials are a bit of a drag go if you didn't do well in 1E03 otherwise just attend the lectures and its an easy 10+. A word of caution though the labs are tricky and the reports demand a fair bit of formal analysis so make sure you have good lab writing and recording skills, the midterm was a take home this year and was all from the lecture notes. The final is pretty similar to the midterm, so for all of you future eng phys hopefuls this course is a breeze make sure you do well on it cuz you'll dread the rest of your courses.
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Yes Dr. Knights was a pretty awesome professor!

Material was same as 1E03 from ENG I so I kept my physics textbook (PHYSICS For Scientists and Engineers by Serway/Jewett) and it was very useful. You can also find it online in .pdf w/ solutions too! I found the assignments pretty challenging for a few questions but since we had a week or two to work on them you can work with friends and help each other understand the problem and how to tackle it. The midterm was a freakin joke. Like above user said it was take home for our year (Fall 2009) and may not be for yours but you can always ask for it to be take home thats how cool Dr. Knight is haha. Anyways the midterm was really really really easy. As for the labs this was the difficult part of the course. The labs required a formal report a few pages long sometimes. The exam was also really easy even had identical midterm questions on there and some assignment questions too!

Good luck!
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can you please post the link of that pdf file.
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Whilst we're on course reviews, i was wondering if anyone's taken ENG PHY 3O04 (Intro to fluid mechanics)? Any tips on how to do well or which prof i should take it with?
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I just wanted to update this course review. This course has changed quite a bit since the last review. We got a new prof (Ray La Pierre) and he's pretty strict. He was a nice guy and was very good at explaining concepts but this course has definitely taken a turn to becoming really hard.

The marking scheme was:
Tutorials 10%
labs 15%
Assignments 30%
Final exam 45%

Course Material
As the course title suggest, this course focused on electricity and magnetism.
We started off with some new math: grad, div, curls and stokes, flux etc. I would high suggest you read these notes really carefully. Everything after this point is based on these concepts. We then went into electricity. Electric fields, voltage, Laplacian eqn, electric displacement. Magnetism included magnetic biot savart's law, ampere's lab, magnetic vector potential (thank god he didn't test this) etc. These two components took up almost the entire course (2 month). It should be noted that he uses the earlier math to prove stuff and explain concepts in these two sections, so if you didn't listen enough in the first little bit, you're screwed. The last part of the course was on Maxwell's eqns and electromagnetic waves.

Tutorials were generally easy. The TA explains recent concepts from class and you do a little quiz at the end. Class average was almost always above 80%. Should be easy marks.

The labs didn't have as much to do with the course material as I would of liked. They were more tangentially related but help you understand that we're only dealing with the most simplest cases in class. It was every other week and you had to do a formal lab report at the end. (They drop your lowest two reports though). These reports were very time consuming, they probably took me close to a weekendday (ie. Sunday) each. The marks on the labs varied greatly between TA's, so it all depends on luck.

The assignments were ok. I wouldn't recommend leaving them to the last minute, but they were definitely doable especially if you're in a group. Sometimes we used a new program called Flexpde to graph electric fields and interpreted them. The class also had a high average for this (low 70%)

Final Exam
As you see, there was no midterm for this class so many people didn't keep up. The final was, by far, the hardest final I've ever written in my 3 years at mac so far. They were on the level of the assignments except you don't have your books and there is a time limit. I don't think there was any straight forward questions on there, it was never just plug and chug in an equations. Class average was 48% and La Pierre didn't bell (He's pretty strict..see?). Anyway, you also got to bring in a sheet of paper with anything you wanted on it (ie. a cheat sheet). It didn't really help that much, we all got destroyed anyway. Study long and hard for this!!!!

Additional Notes
This is now a VERY hard class. Class average at the end was low 60 high 50 and a substantial amount of people did not pass. You definitely need to go to lecture and review the notes afterwards. I would recommend review all the material as if there was a midterm. I feel many people got screwed over because they failed to review enough. Also, make sure to ask him question if you don't understand stuff. If you review your notes often, you should be able to learn and do well in this class.
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this course is still really hard

you can go into the exam with an 11 and return with a 7

boring prof who reads the slides word for word
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Updated as of Fall 2016
This course got updated. It is now only made up of weekly quizzes, labs and a final exam. Weekly tutorials which were NOT mandatory covered the hardest m/c questions found on the avenue quiz of that week.

Weekly Avenue Quizzes: 25 %
5 Labs: 25 % (Each lab is worth 5%)
Final Exam: 50%

The avenue quizzes were to be done every week that only consisted of multiple choice questions. In addition to doing the labs, you had to do a full lab report for 4/5 labs that were due a week from the day you did the lab. The last lab was a design lab where you had to design and build a product that met the design challenge and involved a final mini presentation where you explained your product to the TA. A cheat sheet was allowed for the final exam and it consisted of multiple choice questions as well as long answer questions.

The problem with this course structure was there were no midterms or assignments that exposed students to the long answers that were on the final exam. Sure there are suggested textbook problems but without any marks allocated to completing them, no one actually did them through the semester.
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