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Engineering PHysics = GEt out your cyanide!!

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Originally Posted by jntyrhds View Post
Hey guys,
So im going into the Eng Physics program after all but I just needed some feedback on some of the courses in the Eng. Physics program so that i can get some idea of the difficulty. Would be a great help if anyone could share some tips and pointers to get through some of the harder courses. I asked a friend of mine who's going into his 4th year and he said to watch out for Thermo, PHY 3BA3/3BB3 (Electronics) and Numerical methods. Possibly the toughest lot out of the common courses.

I think it's good that you're going into Eng Physics. It was my number two choice because at the second-year specialization fair they held in ETB last year, it looked the coolest, hands down. I really wanted to do electrical but at the time I hated the programming course I was in (and electrical has a lot of Comp Eng courses in it), and they spokesman sold me on the idea that I could get everything from it that I wanted related to electrical without nearly as much programming.

'Course, later on in the semester I really started to get a grasp of Python and found it was a lot of fun to learn programming, so I decided to do Electrical anyway.

And to people saying no one wants to employ someone with an Eng Phys degree because it's an uncommon degree, eventually it won't be the name of your degree getting you jobs, it will be your skill set and experience. I think Eng Phys is a fantastic looking program.

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Whilst we're on course reviews, i was wondering if anyone's taken ENG PHY 3O04 (Intro to fluid mechanics)? Any tips on how to do well or which prof i should take it with?

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