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entrance scholarship

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entrance scholarship
im confused about how much of an entrance scholarship I get the total award value says 2000, but the pay amount is 1000, what does that mean?
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You get $1000 this year for obtaining an 85-89.99% average from high school. If you maintain a 9.5 Cumulative Average in your first year, you'll get another $1000 scholarship for your second year tuition (for a total of $2000 over two years).

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The total amount is the total amount it COULD be since this is a renewable scholarship if you continue with an "80%" average. So they should call it a 1000x2 scholarship since they will give you the other 1000 if you finish first year with an 80% average.

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Richard Cioci
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I am getting money from OSAP and estimated i would get 1000 in ent sch. from mac on my OSAP application. I found out I'm actually gonna get 2000 this year, will Osap adjust and give me 1000 less?
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apparently we have to put the amount we get from the scholarship in our personal income for osap. so im thinking you have to change it.. there's a risk they're going to reasses ur application once u get it or whatever. idk lol
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Eva C
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when you line up to pick up your osap in sept, they usually ask you if you have received any new scholorships since what you have reported last time, and will then recalculate stuff and tell you. then it will affect the second amount you will get in jan. at least that was what happened to me before.
but you should check and ask financial aid or something to clarify.
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I was told by the Financial Aid office that they report entrance scholarships, bursaries, etc. for us. I also remember completing my OSAP application and there was this link that led me to a list of things I wasn't supposed to include as part of my personal income.

But anyway, the best thing to do is to just call the Financial Aid office and ask to make sure =)

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