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Exam Marks Release Date

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Originally Posted by FireDragoonX View Post
you could just view your grades online.

or do you want to show your mommy and daddy and pin it to the fridge?
yes one copy is for the fridge, next to my drawing of a rainbow. and the other is to prove to my RESP (or whatever) that I passed all my courses
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Originally Posted by Melanieee View Post
okay i found the online site! it seems to say that I can also have up to 5 mailed to me by regular mail.. does that sound right? cause that would be perfect
Yup, that sounds right.
You can have as many transcripts as you want. You can only order 5 per request form, but you can put in as many forms as you want.
This term, I received over 15 for grad school applications. It doesn't cost anything.
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be patient.
C. Smith
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Originally Posted by Melanieee View Post
also dwelling in a cave with little human activity.
My room is not a cave. And im pretty sure i saw you at some point last week And I read on ur door that ur done..luckyy.

Originally Posted by nila* View Post
I believe you get max 5 free ones every term or year (not sure). There are transcript request forms outside the Registrar's office in Gilmour Hall, just fill one out and hand it in and then go back and pick it up. During rush times, I think its takes 7-10 business days.
Hm..I should get a form too..or get someone to get it for me

Originally Posted by Cassanova View Post
be patient.
And I am patient I just dont express it

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