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French 1Z06 or Social Work 1A06 as an elective???

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French 1Z06 or Social Work 1A06 as an elective???
When SOLAR first opened and everybody picked their courses, my first goal was to take French 1Z06 as an elective but it was FULL. I checked like 10000 times. Then I've found this amazing social work 1A06 course. The topics that we'll discuss are interesting and the course doesn't seem hard. On the other hand, I have no French background. Literally, I haven't taken a French course in my life! So this might be the only opportunity for me to learn French.

Now I guess today is my lucky day so I've just found a spot available for me in French 1Z06 but I don't know... I've waited so long to get in... but I don't wan't to drop Social work 1Z06.

I'm an off campus student (living in Burlington) , so I'll be taking the bus everyday...and since Social work is a night class it ends at 10 pm.

I'm really confused.... which elective do you think I should take? Any opinion/help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

and my courses are:

1st term:
Bio 1M03
Chem 1A03
Math 1A03
Psychology 1X03
French OR Social Work

2nd term:
Bio 1A03
Chem 1AA3
Math 1AA3
Physics 1L03 (I took gr 12 physics so I'm tyring to switch into 1B03 which is FULL on Solar right now...)
French OR Social Work

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I can't speak for Social Work, but I'd pretty highly recommend french 1Z06. The prof that teaches it is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and the course itself is pretty easy even if you haven't taken any french at all before.
Honours Molecular Biology & Genetics IV

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No experience with Social Work, but I know French is going to be extremely intense. By the looks of it, it appears you are in Life Sciences, so taking French could be a heavy elective. However, if you are interested, pursue it but know that it will take a lot of work. If you are taking Social Work based of the fact that it seems easy, then that's not good. Also you've got to factor that it is a night course. Someone may correct me, but I believe you have tutorial every 2nd or 3rd week so you get out at 9(ish) the other 1 or 2 weeks - but that can be a late commute if you are transit-ing it.

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When i took social work it was podcasted and tutorials were every second week so I never really went. I had no background in the subject, hated pretty much every minute of it (especially the prof), learned nothing and still got an easy 10, one percent of an 11.

When I tried french it was a disaster. Agreed the prof is the nicest lady in the world but a lot of people stuggled with it. I hated the way she went around the class asking questions almost non stop. I had little background and to this day I don't even know if it was french canadian or parisan french we were learning. There were clearly people in the class that were fluent that did not belong there and the rest of us just fell off. I thought it would be the easiest thing ever and I ended up dropping it.

You have lots of time to take either course if you are only first year. Take one this year and the other next year.

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I took SOC 1A03 and loved it! I'm taking French 1Z06 this year, so I can't speak to that course. I imagine that either course would be a good choice

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Thank you for your responses, I really appreciate it - this was really helpful!! and I think I'm going to take French 1Z06 this year and Soc work 1A06 next year! I don't wan't to have a night course this year since I'm going to take the bus everyday...

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I'm kind of biased, being a social worker and all, but social work is wonderful and you learn a lot about the world. I would strongly suggest taking it at some point during undergrad!

James CW
McMaster University-Bachelor's of Social Work and Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology (2012)
York University-Masters of Social Work (2014-2015)

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