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How good is MOSAIC going to be?

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How good is MOSAIC going to be?
MOSAIC is the system that they are planning to replace MUGSI and SOLAR with. Does anyone know how good its going to be, its pros and cons, other universities that use a similar program, and what else it will encompass, like OSCARplus or MacLife?
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  • Is not SOLAR
  • Who cares? Can't be worse than SOLAR.
(Okay yeah, I've got no clue but the above still holds true. I'm curious too, so hopefully someone can shed some light here).

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Did anyone try out the systems at that demonstration they had way back when?
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I think Mac went with Oracle. The other company they were deciding against I hadn't heard of before.

I went to the demo which allowed students to have some input on what they saw (This was last year some time in Feb or something like that). The Oracle one didn't look as appealing to me and I came out liking the other one better. If any of you have seen the Waterloo HR system (from co-op or summer work), it sort of had that feeling to it. The other company's choice had a iGoogle feel to it which looked easier to use. We didn't get to try the system, but some things were explained and demoed to us. There was an old thread about this, maybe I or someone else could dig it up. IIRC, the course selection was by far more impressive than SOLAR (at least Oracle's way of doing it, don't remember the other company's). I think you could go in beforehand to choose all your courses, thus eliminating the first come first serve that comes with SOLAR. Don't remember what happens after that.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just writing whatever comes to mind.

EDIT: To OP: OSCARplus not included, still separate. MacLife I believe will stay the same, since its run by SAS. I think MOSAIC (if we can call it that) is more so a replacement for MUGSI as a whole (which I consider SOLAR to be apart of).

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Here's the old thread:
Mary Keyes CA 2013-2014
Hons. Biology and Pharmacology V

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Pros: All of my SOLAR and MUGSI memes become priceless historical artifacts.
Cons: I'm not going to be around to enjoy kicking SOLAR out the door.
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Originally Posted by Zebedee View Post
Pros: All of my SOLAR and MUGSI memes become priceless historical artifacts.
OOH OOH! THIS ONE'S EASY! So your memes will become more like that which they are mocking: Priceless historical artifacts.

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