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Grade 12 Student Questions

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Grade 12 Student Questions
Hey Guys! I'm a grade 12 student and this year I'm applying for McMaster University. Right now I have a mid- 80's average but I believe I can boost it up since my second semester has easy courses. I want to apply to Med Rad, LifeSci or Isci and Math and Stats. I can't decide whether to choose between Life Sci or Isci. I think Isci is pretty interesting however, its seems like its a very competitive program. On the other hand, Life Sci doesn't seem as hard to get into because the enrollment is so large but I heard from many people that its a pretty crappy program. So should I choose Isci or Lifesci? Also, what is the sup app of Isci like? And for Med Rad, is it a very hard program to get into? If I have an average of around 86 to 87, do you think I'd be able to get in? And lastly, for the Math and Stats program, would I be able to fit in the electives for dentistry for that program such as biochem,anthro, etc.. ? Thanks
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Life sci is not actually that easy to get into - the cutoffs are usually in the high 80s. But once you get in, yes it's a pretty mediocre program haha. The only thing I've heard about ISci is that since you're studying so many different areas of science it can feel really unfocused. However, in ISci you can choose to concentrate in a ceratin area like Biology, Math, Physics, etc. I think the cutoff for Med Rad is just a bit lower than Life Sci but only by a few percent so around mid 80s. With an average of 86/87 you should be able to get an offer but it's definitely safer to aim for higher than that as cutoff averages fluctuate from year to year depending on the applicant pool.

If you go into math and stats, you will definitely have the space for dentistry electives. For the general math&stats program, there's about 15 required units for each year (5 courses) so you have 15 more units to fill with anything (5 more courses). There's also Math&Stats with Math specialization and Math&Stats with Stats specialization programs where you basically have more course requirements but even with that you should have space to fill with dentistry electives. However something to consider with going the route with the general Math&Stats is that you still want to fill some of your elective slots with math/stats courses because if you only do the bare minimum required math courses and dentistry does not end up working out, you may not have enough math (or barely enough) to pursue grad school.

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