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Honours Medical and Health Physics

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Honours Medical and Health Physics

I am considering entering the Honours Medical and Health Physics level 2 program Sept 2009, and I was wondering if anyone can mention their experiences with the program. That is, how are the classes and workload?

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Wow! I am so happy to finally find someone (other than myself) who's considering Med Phys!
I am also a first year student who purposely came to MAC just to major in Med Phys
Although I have not experienced the program myself, because I have been so obsessed with it since Gr 12 of highschool, I can tell you a little bit about the things I know and found out through other people.
Usually medical physics programs are offered during the graduate studies, which students enter after finishing their undergrad degrees in physics. I heard that there is only 3 schools in Ontario (or was it Canada) that actually offer this program in the undergraduate level and MAC is obviously one of those schools
Due to this nature, medical physics program is very similar to honours physics program (especially in the 2nd year since almost all the courses are the same as the honours physics program). The major differences between the two majors is if you do honours physics you have to take mechanics, electromagnetics and more quantum mechanics whereas if you do med phys, you take more med phys courses I guess the only negative thing is that b/c the program is so specialized, you don't get that many optional courses if any (like in 2nd year, if you decide to take 2 orgos, you don't get any optional courses).
I talked to the upper years and they all seemed to enjoy the program very much
I'm sure you checked out the website which has all the infos and everything but in case you didn't, here's the website ca/medphys/
(the entrance requirement section on this website doesn't seem to be updated so I'd go check out the course calendar for that b/c some of the requirements have been updated).
Hope you decide to apply to med phys!

p.s. You can check out most of the course outlines for next year just by googling it. For the 2nd year, we pretty much take 3 math courses, 3 physics courses (one's 6 units), 2 (or 1) chem and 1 med phys course. I personally love physics and math courses so even if it's a heavy-looking coureload, at least I'll enjoy what I study and won't find it too stressful.

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Hey there,

I am in my 3rd year of Medical and Health physics co-op.

I recommend the program. It is alot of work but a very interesting and unique degree. Medical Physics combines the best of biology, chemistry with the delights of math and physics. Second year can be pretty tough as it is much more demanding than first year general science and more demanding than any other second year programs within science (since you have all the joys of 2nd year physics with organic chem). McMaster med phys is definitely the best undergrad med phys out of the 3 in ontario. Med phys is usually a graduate level program but due to mcmaster's set up in undergrad you can get some courses waived upon entering graduate studies.
I would consider med phys only if you are interested in pursuing education after your undergrad, though this is my personal opinion.

If you have any further questions about the program contact me at [removed]


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