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If you are going to drop French 1A06 in the day please message me

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Richard Cioci
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If you are going to drop French 1A06 in the day please message me
I was on at midnight last night and it was so busy i couldnt get on, when i finally did french 1A06 was full.

if you are planning to drop the course, please message me around what time so i can go and add it.

thx a lot if you do
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Unfortunately, your plan is not going to work...

None of us know how quickly SOLAR registers when people drop courses. Furthermore, you have no way of knowing if someone else will be trying to add the same course as you at the same time you are.
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Richard Cioci
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thats ok ive decided not to even take it anymore even if i have the chance
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For courses in Humanities that you're trying to take as electives... if they are full I would wait until Thursday (when Humanities 1st year's are allowed in SOLAR) and see if more seats have been opened
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I've heard of people actually calling up people at McMaster to ask for spots. I'm not sure who exactly you'd ask though. Maybe the professor him/herself.
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Just call the extension for the department listed in the undergraduate course calendar. When kinesiology 1Y03 and 1YY3 were full, I called and left a message asking for a spot. Someone called me back an hour later and gave me a seat authorization. It was really easy, so before you give up I suggest you try that.

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