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meal plan?

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meal plan?
when/how do i get my meal card? and account?

i'm a little bit confused!
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Your meal card is on your student card. It will be mailed to you before you start at Mac.
If you are in residence, it is mandatory that you get a meal plan. This would have been included in the registration for residence.
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Yep, JBeans is right, so long as you registered for a meal plan (which you have to in order to complete your residence application stuff) then you are signed up for a meal plan. A way to check this is to check your Payment Agreement on MUGSI. And your student card doubles as your mealcard, you swipe it and go! Like JBeans said, keep your eyes to your mail and you will get a card and a sticker in the mail. The sticker must be put on otherwise you're student card isn't valid!
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Rob Mac
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So I am living at home but I have 4 out of 5 days there for lunch. How do I get a meal plan/ put money on the card?
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You only use your student card as a meal card if you applied for it, which all students living in residence have to do. If you are not living on residence, just bring cash, and there are debit machines across campus. I wrote an article explaining meal plans and saving money, so stay tuned for that when it gets posted!
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Ivan Q.
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Originally Posted by winonakid View Post
So I am living at home but I have 4 out of 5 days there for lunch. How do I get a meal plan/ put money on the card?
http://hospitality.mcmaster. ca/mea...offcampus.html

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Articles on meal plan: 1

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As an off campus student it is sometimes more convenient to have your meal card than carry cash. I don't always have cash on me (I pay everything with credit card), and I feel ridiculous paying for a $1.40 coffee with a $20
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