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Mechatronics - Discussion

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Tron is where its at! I also wish there was some more mech courses (other than measurements). You definitely really have to love software to be in it. There are some useless courses (I found) but they are looking at refining the program.
Ryan Stevenson
Mechatronics Engineering Alumni
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As far as what Kevin said, I've never had much of a social life I cared about. So I'm not really missing the absence of that absent part of my life.

Anyway, you really do need to put a lot of work into what you're doing. A lot of what was covered in the dynamics side of the Mechanics was basically a more advanced version of what was covered in Physics 1D03. I have heard, however, that Engineering Physics has become much more difficult in comparison to the previous years, since the professor changed, so there is that.

As far as the merits go, everyone is on your side - all you ever have to do is walk up to a TA, professor, upper year, whoever - and they will help you, as much as they are able.

Regardless of what steam you go into, the people you will usually interact with, as well as the people you go with into that particular stream are engineers. And if I need remind you, then I remind you of this:

An engineer is an engineer is an engineer - and we stick together.

I cannot comprehend the idea of competition or competitive spirit in engineering. Really doesn't do anything for me.

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@Matt: What do you do on your internship? And, exactly what kind of job opportunities can you expect with Tron?

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