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A piece of advice needed!!

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A piece of advice needed!!
I am going for Life science 1 program this September. And I just wanted some advice on choosing courses...and if some of you who have done the same program as me...then please tell me about your experience. The course load that I have chosen seems to be pretty hectic and heavy. I am planning on going to Biochemistry, honours of Life science or Biology in the second year. So what easy courses could I take that doesn't require A LOT of time....(it sounds weird but i wanted to go for inquiry...but thas in summer...and i don wanna do summer courses)...are there some other easy courses like that in the list that I could possibly do in the first semester???...

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inquiry course i don't think is summer. I thikn you might be confused with it saying Term 3. Term 3 means it runs from Sept to April, it doesn't mean summer school! so check again and i think you can take that.

I don't really know what's easy, i personally took the two psych courses. They weren't that difficult compared to all the other bios and chems you have to take, but not necessarily the easiest. Check the reviews section and maybe you'll find something that suits your specific strengths and interests. Geo courses apparently some are "easy". not sure though cause i haven't taken any.
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Whatever you do, just make sure you have the prerequisites for any possible 2nd year program you may be interested in. Some people like to keep ALL their options open and take all the major first year science courses so that they theoretically could go into any 2nd year science program with a minimum of hassle and/or catching up. This does make for a very packed schedule, but it can come in handy - for example, a student may suddenly decide that they hate biology, and opt for going into chemistry in 2nd year (which is exactly what I did...only to later miss biology and switch into biochem :p )

If you know you're heading down the bio/biochem path and need some easier science electives, then the Environmental Science ones are usually a good choice. I personally liked 1G03 the best, but I kinda like geology for some reason...

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