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RBC banking machines

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RBC banking machines
you guys wouldnt happen to know how many rbc banking machines there are on campus would you? cause i just don't want to have to pay those extra fees for using another banks machine.
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I was about to start a topic about this, but I'm looking for a CIBC. What banks are on campus?
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I know there is a CIBC in the student center just below the entrance doors on the north side. I don't think there are any RBC's on campus. I'm RBC, so whenever I need money, I hop on a bus to Jackson Square. There's RBC, TD, Scotiabank, and I think CIBC downtown.

KRan says thanks to mitch for this post.
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Do we have anyone here who know where the td canada trust bank machine is???
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There's at least one CIBC banking machine (basement of student centre). There aren't any RBC ones on campus, but if you go to the gas station/Tim Horton's on the corner of Main and.. leland? There's an RBC one in there.

It's a 5-10 min walk from MDCL.
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Closest TD is probably at their branch in Westdale, there isn't one on campus - there only are CIBC and independently-run machines on campus.
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There's also a TD at University Plaza, so if you're going up there anyway, it's very convenient.
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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
you guys wouldnt happen to know how many rbc banking machines there are on campus would you? cause i just don't want to have to pay those extra fees for using another banks machine.
There are no RBC bank machines on campus unfortunately. The nearest RBC ATM is at the Esso station on Main and Cootes (some 4 minute walk from ABB). The nearest RBC branch is on Main and Whitney - you can take the 51 University and the 1A (I think) to get there.

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Thank God I have a CIBC account.
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Originally Posted by mumbojumbo View Post
Thank God I have a CIBC account.
McMaster University does their banking with the CIBC branch in Westdale. Considering they got a large donation from them in the creation of the student center I guess it's reasonable to put in a machine or two (Another CIBC ATM in HSC) on campus.

My question is: why wouldnt they replace all those laser-cash machines with CIBC ATM's where at least some of the student population could benefit from a fee-free withdrawl without having to wait in line? (Oh the many line-ups we wait in at Mac...)

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