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reinstatement letter

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reinstatement letter
Hi everyone

I'm applying for reinstatement to get back to mac this year and was hoping if you guys could look over my letter and give me any tips, as writing essays are not my forte. The reason i got kicked out is basically because i dicked around too much before and simply put, f*cked up. if anyone has gone through this process before and has any tips, please let me know. Thanks.

Dear Reinstatement Commitee,
Before I begin to explain the reasons for my poor academic performance, I would like to give a brief summary of my academic career prior to attending university. I finished my elementary school abroad in Pakistan, where I was born, and came to Canada just in time to start high school. It did not take me very long to adjust to this new lifestyle in a different environment and before long, I was doing very well with my studies. I developed an excellent work ethic and managed to graduate high school as an honour roll student which allowed me to get an early admission into McMaster’s Engineering program in 2006.
Coming to University was an entirely new and differrent experience for me. I had never lived away from home for a prolonged period of time until now and found it difficult to adjust to this new lifestyle while still trying to maintain my academics. Nonetheless, I managed to finish my first year successfully and got accepted into the Electrical Engineering program.
In my second year at McMaster, I had decided to live off-campus and had a difficult time adjusting to the chores of daily life and thus was unable to devote the time to my studies that was neccessary to be a successful student. As a result of this, I would often miss important lectures and miss due dates on various assignments. At the end of my second year in 2008, my cummulative average had falled below the minimum and I was required to withdraw from McMaster. This was a direct result of poor time management on my part for which I take full responsibility.
After being suspended from McMaster, I was told to contact Dr. Yaser Haddara at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to discuss my future options. Upon his suggestion, I enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Technology-Telecommunications program at Mohawk College for the 2008-2009 academic year. Please find a copy of my transcript attached.
In addition to achieving a high level of success at Mohawk College, I also worked at an Engineering Consulting Firm during the summer of 2008 and am again working there now for the summer of 2009. Working in the Electrical Design department, I perform several tasks such as load calculations, sizing of equipment, desinging of Electrical Distribution Systems, and preparation of specification documents and CAD drawings. Please see attached for proof of employment.
I am requesting to be reinstated back into the Electrical Engineering program at this time as I feel that attending college and working in the Electrical Engineering field, I have learned several of the basic concepts that I previously had lacked at McMaster. While attending Mohawk College, I managed to achieve an A average while still living off-campus, developing that essential skill of time management. At work, I often had to meet tough deadlines for which the consequences of missing are quite severe, thus further only reinforcing these skills.
During the last year, I have become only more certain that the Electrical Engineering program is the correct choice for me. I feel that I am now much more adept to deal with the pressures of university life. I plan on speacializing in the power sector of this field and perhaps work in the consulting or construction field once I graduate. I urge the commitee to please reconsider my status at McMaster Univeristy so that I am able to accomplish my goals.
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Make sure to read it over again, run spell check and then read it over one more time.

This letter is meant to be professional and as such you should try to make it as professional as it can be.
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Aside from telling the committee that you have learned "basic concepts" and time management skills ( nice way of saying - I've learned to not f-around, by the way ;-) ) during your year off, don't be afraid to say "I've learned from my mistakes, I'm more mature now and I understand my responsibilities" or something like that.

Eating a bit of crow in a dignified matter doesn't hurt. I like that you didn' t go for whinny excuses.

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