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Reinstatement Letter Review

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Reinstatement Letter Review
hey guys,

i just finished writing up my reinstatement letter and i was wondering if anyone knows who i can talk to so that i can review my letter with someone before i hand it in. i just want to make sure i have covered all the essential points that the committee will be reviewing.
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Some people post it on here and people critique it. For actual requirements, maybe email the register? They can at least direct you, if its the wrong place.
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Let me know if there is anything i can improve on or add. thanks a lot guys for the help.

Dear Reinstatement Committee,

I would like to take this time to explain to the committee the circumstances surrounding my poor academic performance during the last academic session attended at McMaster University. The reason I am applying for reinstatement at this time is because after completing two years in the engineering program I have deeply enjoyed the material we have covered in class. Although there were a few courses that I did not enjoy much and did poorly in, I really enjoyed the classes that dealt directly with the program I am currently in. I am looking for reinstatement into the materials engineering program because I was very pleased with both my performance in class and the material that was taught in class. I feel that this passion shows in the grades that I received in these classes and if I was given a second chance I can show the committee that I deserve to stay in the program. While completing my second year at McMaster University and my first year in the materials engineering stream I took a few courses from the civil department and from the chemical engineering department. Although I enjoyed what was taught in these classes, they just did not seem to fulfill me the way the materials engineering courses did. For that reason I feel that the materials engineering stream is the best career path for me as it will keep me interested and motivated about my future in the field.

I feel that there are three main reasons that contributed to my lacklustre performance, which ended with a below average result. The first reason for this poor academic display is due to the fact that I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, by helping her with daily chores. About a year ago my grandfather suddenly passed away. His passing was very hard on my entire family, but especially on my grandmother and me. I was very close to my grandfather and for that reason I felt that it was my responsibility to take care of my grandmother. My grandfather would help my grandmother with all her chores, such as going to the doctor and picking up her prescriptions. After my grandfather died, I took on the responsibility of taking my grandmother to her doctors and picking up her prescriptions whenever she needed. Doing these errands for her took up a great deal of time and as a result my grades suffered. The next reason I feel hindered my ability to devote time for studying was due to the fact that I had to work to pay for textbooks and tuition. In a regular week I would have to go to work three or four times for a six to seven hour shift each time. During the week I would have to start work at about five o’clock and work until eleven. As a result I was unable to dedicate the time that is required to do homework and study for tests and assignments. Some weeks I would have to work on the weekend and this took away from the free time I had set aside for studying. This meant that I would be under prepared for tests and was not able to complete assignments on time. The final reason for my poor grades is due to the fact that I commuted to and from school on a regular basis. This process would take up close to two hours a day. Although this does not seem like much time, it does take away from the time I have to study and do homework. Most days I would come home around seven or eight o’clock and by that time I would be too exhausted to do any more studying. In addition, because I was home so late I would not have enough time to finish homework and as a result I would put off studying.

To ensure that this situation never occurs again I have formed a plan that I feel will help me be successful in my time remaining at McMaster University. To start I have talked to my parents about the problem I currently face and they have agreed to take time off when needed so that they can help my grandmother with her daily chores and errands. In addition to this, they have also said they will help me financially with the money I need, to buy textbooks and pay for tuition. With the help of my parents, I will be able to quit my job and have time to focus on my studies. I have also decided that I will hire a tutor within my department and meet with him or her as soon as I am having difficulty so that we can review concepts that I am having trouble with. By doing this I feel I will be able to stay on top of the material that is taught in class and will not fall so far behind that I cannot understand any subsequent information. I have also decided to extend my final two years over an extra year so that I can lighten my course load and have more time to focus on the courses I am taking at that time. I plan on taking no more than five courses in any term so that I am not overwhelmed with work and will be able to complete all assignments and still have time to do extra studying to get ahead in class. To work out my schedule for the next three years I will be making an appointment with Dr. Petric from the materials engineering department to discuss what courses I should be taking and when I should take them.

During this summer I am taking engineering 2P04 and chemistry 1AA3 at the university. I have just finished engineering 2P04 and feel that I have done well in the course even though no official marks have been posted. For the second term of the summer I am taking chemistry 1AA3 and hope to do very well in the course. At this time I would like to thank the committee for taking the time to read this letter and evaluate my potential in the engineering program at McMaster University. I feel that if I am given a second chance I can prove to the committee that I deserve to stay in the program as I feel I can be a great asset to both the materials program at McMaster, but also within the industry. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected] or by telephone at (416) 409 – 0770.

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