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Repeat Engineering

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Repeat Engineering
Ive been thinking...
I really don't like mechanical as much as i say i do, but I'm almost done so I might as well finish it and get my degree. But is it possible and/or reasonable to come back and do electrical on top after? Sounds crazy I know but I really don't wanna be stuck doing something I don't enjoy for the rest of my life. Has anyone done something like this before, doing one engineering discipline and then another completely different right after?

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I think you'd be able to do Electrical Engineering for your Masters, instead of obtaining another Bachelor's degree.

But please check the prerequisites you would need at various universities.
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Wow, the coursework difference in those two programs is total, it's like 87 units difference. So you won't be able to do a two-year "second degree", you'll need to do another 3 years.

Looks to me like there's no way you'd be able to switch from one discipline to another for your master's with that much difference in coursework. A BEng in mech will know nearly nothing about electrical, you may as well be trying to do a master's in Buddhist theology.

With that in mind, in the work world there's a lot of interaction between mechanical and electrical engineers, so if you have 2 degrees you'll be at an advantage. Frankly, if you have the opportunity to do a second Eng degree, then it looks like a great idea to me, except for the extra tuition and losing another 3 years of your life. :-)

"I might as well finish it and get my degree" is a good and mature attitude to have. Though you may want to consider the value of that extra year of your life.

You should really talk to a departmental counselor though to make sure you're going to be able to do this. Engineering is a funny faculty, their rules are different. Maybe they can tell you whether you're better off finishing your 4th year mech, or just dropping back down to 2nd year elec.
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Originally Posted by Allan View Post
I think you'd be able to do Electrical Engineering for your Masters, instead of obtaining another Bachelor's degree.

But please check the prerequisites you would need at various universities.
Good answer

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