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Residence recommendations for first year

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Residence recommendations for first year
Hi guys!
I'm a prospective Macmaster Health Sci student. I was wondering if anyone would have advice on if I should stay on res or commute instead. My commute would be approx. 45 minutes but I've heard that living on res can save a lot of time and woould be more convenient. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the help!
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Heya! I'm going into second year and commuted to Mac (from Mississauga, 45 or 90 minute commute depending on if I had someone to drop me off at the bus stop)
I've gotten different opinions from different people regarding commuting. I know one person who couldn't stand it, but most of us are pretty okay with commuting so it really depends on the person. You save a lot of money, but I guess (if you care for it) you can miss out on that on-campus and more-involved magical "fIrSt-YeAr ExPeRiEnCe." (Don't get me wrong - you can still have a magical fIrSt-YeAr ExPeRiEnCe if you commute!! Depends on the person.) It seems like people who live on res first year feel less inclined to commute the next year (unsure if they can handle it) and often choose to live off-campus (staying in Hamilton).
Commuting is manageable, lots of people do it, you might hate it the first week but you adjust (the bus ride actually became a nice break for me). It's not as convenient if you have early classes, or if you wanna join lots of clubs, and staying on res usually helps you with your social life.

Hope this helps :)

AsMaq, Chad all say thanks to tigeatoray for this post.

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Welcome to the forum
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Welcome to MacInsiders Asma! Choosing to commute or not is a personal preference, but as user Tigeatoray said, living in res is a fun, social experience if that's something that interests you.

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