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Resubmitting a paper?

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Resubmitting a paper?
Does anybody have experience with resubmitting a paper to get marked again? I got an essay back and I feel that it was definitely not graded fairly, and I've heard that it's possible to resubmit it (with the potential for the grade to drop even lower). I have a meeting with the TA tomorrow, but assuming that doesn't go well, would I just email my prof?

Any tips from those with experience would be great!
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It's true that the TA/prof can lower your grade as well as raise it, upon remarking.

I think it's standard "protocol" to talk the TA first. Chances are, they won't mind remarking it. But if they feel it has been marked fairly, then you just visit your professor during office hours or send an email to set up a time to meet.

I've only had one essay remarked at Mac - and it went from a C- to a B+! So it's definitely possible to get your mark changed. Just keep in mind that it can be lowered too.

PinkiePie says thanks to Kathy2 for this post.
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It really depends. I got a C+ on an essay last year I felt was unfairly graded especially since I had consulted with the TA numerous times before submitting it about what he expected.

Long story short, he asked me to meet with him and then went into detail about why he gave me the mark he did... Although I still think it was wrongfully justified he said that incomparison to the other papers I should of felt lucky I got a C+ because my thesises were unclear throughout the paper and that the prof would probably lower my mark.

I just accepted the fact that that paper was the ultimate reason behind why I would not do well in the course and didn't end up disputing the mark.

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