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Saigon Asian Restaurant

Saigon Asian Restaurant
Published by resh.jyoti
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Saigon Asian Restaurant

I know what you'r thinking, but this is DIFFERENT from the Little Saigon restaurant that Chad reviewed a week ago. This is a much older restaurant, located at 1024 King Street West, Hamilton - (905) 528-1096. You can get to it by coming out the back of the school (out of the MUSC/MDCL entrance), go straight until you hit King, turn left, and it's the first left (street).

Let me just say this. The food is REALLY GOOD CHINESE/VIETNAMESE/ASIAN food. REALLY good. Everything else, besides the price, is not so good. Then again, we're on student budgets here, so who cares?

Presentation is okay. They have a variety of soups, noodles, appetizers, fried rice, milkshakes and drinks, etc. The best part about this restaurant is that they customize your order. So you basically are given a slip of paper with your table number and a chart of quantity, item and price on it. You can then choose anything from the menu, and add/take away specifically what you don't want, and they adjust the price for you. Being a vegetarian, this is like heaven! You can take out the meat and add egg and tofu, a bunch of veggies, or anything else you like - and this is the STANDARD thing. It's not complicated either, you just write down the number of the item, and beside it your own specifications.

Decor is horrible. It's not dirty or anything, it's just not classy. It's like other asian restaurants though, tiled floor, metal chairs, mirrored wall I personally don't mind.

On the table are metal box holders of spoons/forks, chopsticks, napkins, salt and pepper shaker, and *the best part* a chopped-pepper kind of pepper sauce in a little pot, the typical pepper sauce (like at Teriyaki in MUSC), teriyaki sauce and soya sauce. They also give you little mini bowls to mix sauces if you want which is what I normally do .

If they unfortunately get it wrong and your order comes out wrong, they immediately take it back and give you the right one in 5 minutes. Unfortunately, they often hire students (I think) which are sometimes haughty when you send the order back, but the one owner's daughter there is VERY VERY nice.
I've been there about eight times now, with friends and some family when they come to visit, and they all agree that the food is very good and the service is okay.


On the whole, the price is pretty good. It's not the cheapest in the world, but for the food it's good. A main dish (which is huge) is generally $7.00, and an appetizer for 2 (like spring rolls) is $2-3. Milkshakes are $3-4. Really, it's not that bad.

Overall, this is my favourite place to go <3.
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From this place, my favourite is 037 BBQ Pork Fried Rice $6.50, is sooo good!
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"Chinese/Vietnamese/Asian" food? Is that kind of like European/Middle Eastern/Eurasian food or something?

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Saigon, shit. I'm still only in Saigon. Every time I think I'm going to
wake up back in the jungle.

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Originally Posted by Mahratta View Post
"Chinese/Vietnamese/Asian" food? Is that kind of like European/Middle Eastern/Eurasian food or something?
Nahhh, lol. They have different sections for the different types of food....Like typical chinese food but a LOT of Vietnamese food, according to the menu... Honestly, I can't tell the difference, it's just asian food to me
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The only thing I've tried there is the Pho soup. The Pho Bo there is just amazing not the best but still pretty damn good. I can eat that every freakin day. A large is like $8 or something around that. Pretty big portion. Another great place for Pho and imo the best place is Pho Dau Bo down on Cannon St. (close to Jackson Sq.). I eat there atleat once a week to satisfy my pho cravings haha.

If some of you are wondering wtf is pho then watch this and all will be clear
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horrible restaurant
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Anyone have general pricing info on their food?
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does any one know where can i find the best chinese food

for the saigon asian restanrant i think the general price is around 6 to 10

personally i like the restaurant

i really like the noodle soup with the beef and meat ball in it

i want to find a good sushi. does anyone give a suggestion

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From my perspective, I find the Chinese food at "Empress Wok Chinese Restaurant" are pretty good. I've been there twice and so far I like it. The price is reasonable, and the one thing I like about this restaurant is that its not too crowded, so pretty much you can eat there with your friends peacefully.
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Extra large bowls all the way!!
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Just sayin.. as a former server at Saigon Asian Restaurant. Don't expect the highest quality of cleanliness of your food.
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Excellent Pad Thai there, very flavourful!!
Also, with your pho they give you a plate of hot peppers, bean sprouts, lime and some other herb I'm not sure of.. I highly recommend!
Old 09-16-2014 at 11:11 PM   #14
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I like this place. It has decent Pho all right.
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I also don’t like the food of this restaurant but this restaurant is very cheap then Boston restaurants where I went last week. But the quality of food was amazing in Boston restaurants. I will visit there again, as I loved the taste of food too.

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