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SRA Allocates Renovation Funds to Quarters

SRA Allocates Renovation Funds to Quarters

On Sunday, April 19th the Student Representative Assembly allocated the sum of $400,000 to the Quarters renovation project. These funds compliment the generous contributions being made by the Student Services Committee and several corporate sponsors. It is hoped that this investment will not only make Quarters a more welcoming environment, but that the renovations will revitalize out-of-date equipment and cut down on the operating costs associated with running the establishment. Additionally, the renovation is expected to affect some service concerns by modifying the liquor control systems significantly.

Student concerns with regards to both service quality and food quality are also in the process of being addressed alongside the physical renovation, in hopes that the McMaster Students Union (MSU) can open a fully renewed establishment for the benefit of the students and staff of McMaster University.

To be clear, the $400,000 in question is an allocation, not an expenditure. This means that 400k is being set aside as the maximum amount that the MSU is willing to invest in the project at this time. The actual expenditure of funds will be governed by the SRA over the summer months, once final quotes and plans have been established. It may come to fruition that the MSU will invest considerably less upon final designs and approvals.

For more information, please contact:

MSU President, Azim Kasmani - [email protected] ca ext. 23885

SRA House Leader, Casey Park - [email protected] ext. 25230

emtee10 says thanks to McIntyre for this post.
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Just wanna say I was glad to see this up on the main MSU webpage before MacInsiders! That's a first

Boccaccio, casey.park, DannyV, KaesoPublius, McIntyre all say thanks to DavidR for this post.
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I sure hope these renovations 1) are much less than 400k 2) are backed up by a HUGE staff restructuring plan 3) include some comfortable seating and 4) have lights that work.

Best of luck, Quarters. You may be a sinking ship, but you're our sinking ship.
Matt Wright
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$400,000 creepy steve repellent - a plan we can all believe in.
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You may be a sinking ship, but you're our sinking ship
Lol Matt
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