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student card pic

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student card pic
Do you take another pic for your student card second year or do you keep the same one for the rest of university?
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Same mugshot forever.
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Unless you lose your card. Then you can opt for a picture re-take.
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Its the same one until your card is ruined or lost, as Danielle said. However, if the photo on your card is getting washed out (aka you left your card in your jeans and washed them.. and your face is washed out or looks awful cause the colors have faded away) - which was my case - then go to the Meal Card office in Commons and they can print you another card for free. I did this, and it was fantastic! No charge, which is nice. Note however that they just print on your new card the SAME photo from before, you don't get a new photo.
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If your photo isn't your best one, at least you can laugh about it in the future. Everyone who sees my student card now laughs at my picture because it looks nothing like me. I looked like a gothic rocker chic back then... Oh how this picture haunts me
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I know it would be a waste of money to re-take everyone's pictures every year.. but yikes. I'm surprised they even let me on the bus with my student card. I look COMPELTELY different now than I did in first year. Everyone I show my card to thinks it's a picture of someone else.

I assume the bus drivers just don't care, haha.
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Originally Posted by HeatherH View Post
I assume the bus drivers just don't care, haha.
It depends on the bus driver. Technically they're all supposed to be watching for fraud cards but you know how there's always one thats not really looking and is instead on his cell phone or picking his nose...

I once had a driver tell me that I had stole someone elses card, that it wasn't my picture and he tried to take my card! (they do have the right to do that if they think it's a fake) I stood there and had an argument with him about it, people were getting really pissed. He thought my hair was really different... it wasn't, I had just pinned up my bangs because they were getting too long and I hadn't gone to get them cut. I had to unpin my hair and brush them down with my fingers and then point to both my nose ring and the birth mark I have on my chin before he finally let me on the bus. This all happened in FIRST YEAR so it's not like I looked that different from my card!
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