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Tuition Payment Due: SEPT 1ST

Tuition Payment Due: SEPT 1ST
(Not August 15th!)

By Chad Fullerton, MACINSIDERS

There have been a few forum posts regarding when we have to pay our tuition payment in order to not have the late penalty fee.

Most students have been confused by the Office Of The Registrar's deadline chart showing August 15th as the "First Fee Payment" had to be submitted by, which caused assumptions that we had to have payment (ie. a check post dated to Sept 1st) in by August 15th. However, this is not the case.

As shown on the Student Accounts and Cashiers Office's Dates and Deadlines, payment isn't due until Sept 1st. Now whether that meant you can hand in a check post-dated to Sept 1st AFTER August 15th we weren't sure, so we sent an email to ask them. They replied very quickly (thanks!) and said the following:

There is lots of confusion, and I do appologize. The payments are due for September 1st. You can drop off a cheque at any point and make the cheque post-dated for September 1st. Hope this helps you. Again, sorry for the confusion.

So there you have it folks!

Cristina_n13, Eva C, janeller, kenneth526, kokosas, shleyaa all say thanks to Chad for this post.
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