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Am I going to get kicked out?

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Am I going to get kicked out?
So I just got all my marks back and i failed a couple courses :( my gpa is higher than a 3.5 so I (hopefully) won't be put on probation but my total credits don't reach 24, which is a requirement to enter a level 2 program. So what happens to me exactly? Do I get kicked out or do I stay in level I? Would it be possible for me to take spring/summer courses to make up for lost credit or is it too late? And do all those 24 credits have to be level I courses? I was planning on taking econ 2h03 in the spring but i'll probably switch that to something else if it won't count.

Sorry for all the questions. I'm just really scared and anxious atm, and regretting all those times I slacked off :/ I would go see an academic advisor but i emailed one and unfortunately they're closed until June :'(
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Why don't you ask your academic adviser?
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Your final report in May will say for sure.
It sounds like you'll probably be put on probation and stay in level 1, but I guess you'll have to wait to find out for sure.
I think you are still allowed to register for summer courses. Try it and see, it certainly won't hurt (unless you do really badly in them).
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You're fine. If your CA is >3.5, you don't even go on probation.

You will stay in level 1, which is actually fine for econ. I don't think any second year econ courses have any prereqs beyond finishing the first year micro/macro... so you can take them even if registered in Level 1.

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Even though you might technically be a "level one" student next year, you will be allowed to take 2nd year courses with a waiver ! So don't worry, you will not be kicked out if you're CGPA is above 3.5. Also, I think you have to have taken 8 courses to be reviewed so your academic standing review might not happen until after summer school or first term next year. Ask an academic advisor for more help!
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I only got 18 units in my first year when I was a kid. I even had to write a begging letter to the dean to get allowed back! I came back as a first-year student but still could take second-year classes in one program. You should try to catch up with summer classes, or else you'll be at Mac for an extra year. Problem with summer classes is they're twice the work because they're taught twice as fast. Also, and I'm not trying to be a dick here because I went through the same thing: if you have failed >6 units level 1 already, you need to consider whether you have the maturity and dedication for a university-level education. Level 1 is laughably easy, it only gets harder from here, and stopping being a slacker takes a painful attitude adjustment, I know cos I had to do it. I wish I had quit Mac after failing level 1 and gone to Mohawk instead - the workload is easier, you get paid co-ops, and you're guaranteed a good job. I eventually went there anyway, but I lost out on the $400K or so I could have made in the meantime.

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