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Anthro 4B03

Anthro 4B03
Current Problems in Anthropology I
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Anthro 4B03

When I took this course (Term I of 07/08) the topic was Ethical Issues in Anthropology.

I thought it was going to be quite dull, but was quite surprised.

The Prof had their degree for quite some time, and knew a lot about cultural anthro, as well as a pretty fair amount about archeology. Pretty amusing at times as well.

The largest component of the course was a 20 page paper worth 40%. The rest of the grade was composed of participation (20%), a few other small assignments, and a presentation based on the final paper.
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hello, just wondering if 4th year courses are harder than 1st year on average or if its just a myth that as you leave 1st year, courses get harder
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Originally Posted by 0t10 View Post
hello, just wondering if 4th year courses are harder than 1st year on average or if its just a myth that as you leave 1st year, courses get harder
Upper year courses are harder than 1st year courses. So if you are in first year, try not to take upper year courses. But if you are in fourth year then fourth year courses shouldn't be hard for you since you've been through 1st to 3rd year and have picked up a lot of experience. Makes sense?
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0t10 says thanks to jhan523 for this post.
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