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who can i call for more information on payments

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who can i call for more information on payments
hi iam wondering who i can call at mac to determine how to make my payments alot of this is confusing lol especially about adding courses and dropping them lol
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Which are you looking for help on... making payments, or adding/dropping courses? Or both? It seems you mentioned two completely separate things.

If it's about dropping/adding, what are you specifically confused about.. how to do it? Dates to do it?

If it's about making payments.. did you accept your payment agreement? If so, did you select online or check payment?
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hey yeah iam trying to make a payment i dont know how this all really works. My mom said she saved money for my education through RESPs or something, and shes gonna have the money tranfered to her account than i somehow pay from there, i want to do a full payment, so i can avoid interest, but yeah can i pa by check and how do i do this?

Also if i paid full and i decide to drop courses can i pickup courses and not pay for the courses i dropped or iam i basically fulshing money down the toilet if i drop them ?
I ask this question because, iam in a bit of a jam, I took engineering courses when i couldn't, but solar let me take them I took the Chem Engineering ,the Computer Programming Engineering, and the 3d Design Engineering course, i plan to drop the programing one and switch it too the Ethics engineering. because iam a computer science student and already took the computer science one lol

Well it all said all pass when i last check, than i was told that i wasn't allowed to take those courses i go back the solar thing wont let me take the engineering courses but hey they are still on my list............ i was gonna remove them and change into the ones i could take butt all classes are full :S so now i have to wait to figure out if iam enrolled in the engineering classes or not, and after i find out that iam not than i have to get into my electives that get me closer to not repeating year 1 engineering

that is my story thanks for reading ^_^
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Hey Waves,
You can pay by cheque, money order or direct payment (so from your moms account to the Mac Account). If you're going to do cheque or money order I would express post it to the Cashiers Office at McMaster that way you can track the package and call them when it gets there to make sure it's put through. If you're going to do an online transfer you have to call them and set it up because I don't know how to do that and it would involve Mac's account information.

And no, if you drop a course you're not flushing funds down the toilet. If you drop a course and then pick up another one (in the same faculty/year) then I can almost gaurantee that it will be the same price for the courses. If you drop a course and do not pick up another one the money will be credited to your account ONLY if you drop it before the deadline.

As for your courses: Keep the courses you have now and during the drop/add period you will be able to move your courses around because there WILL be people dropping the classes that you want to get into, I promise you that.
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WavesSea says thanks to kokosas for this post.
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thanks alot ^_^
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Actually, paying online (at least through TD bank) is a whole lot easier than that. As long as you have online banking set up, all you do is set McMaster as a payee (using your student number as the account number), and transfer however much you need to. It takes all of about 30 seconds, and is a lot cheaper than express posting a cheque.

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