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computer science first year help

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computer science first year help
I am going to Computer Science I for my first year in McMaster and I will be taking COMP SCI 1FC3, 1MA3, 1MD3 for my first second term. and I have few questions to ask

what programming language I'll be learning?
how does the course really goes? assignments, projects or exam, how do they count?
what is the culminating project?

and any suggesting on learning

thank a lot
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just chill guy..relax xx..take it eassyy..its summer break dont start thinking about that stuff from now. the prof will explain all that on the first day of class, and it can change from year to year and prof to prof even though the course is the same.

anyways, best of luck!
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For me last year, we learned Java in 1MD3. This was probably one of my favourite courses (and the easiest). It consisted of 5 (I think) assignments, each requiring that you make 2-5 specified programs.

Most of 1MA3 is learning Python and about lists, dictionaries, etc. This course is fairly easy, especially when you go to tutorials. There is some content about computer hardware, too.

1FC3, on the other hand, is pretty much the opposite end of the computer science spectrum. You get to learn about logic and problem solving, and by the end of the course, you have to memorize a few proofs (and by a few, I mean almost 200). This was probably one of the hardest courses for me... just make sure you don't fall behind and you should be fine.
As well as proofs, you will be using Haskell for a brief time towards the end of the course.
Matt Fielding
Computer Science II (Co-op)
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Hey! I'm taking all those courses too
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Well 2 years ago they taught java which was booring alot of people got high marks in that class 1MD3, 1FC3 is always belled because its really difficult, only when i started studying like, linear algebra and various other maths i realized how important set theory is, umm 1FC3 would be the course to look out for its quite difficult and the prof wolfram khal is a nice but difficult man, 1FC3 is about proofs and sets, and predicate logic, basically if you read a book on discrete math you should be fine
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good to know

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