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failed a required course and business orientation! I'm freaking out!

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failed a required course and business orientation! I'm freaking out!

I'm a business student and I failed Math 1A03 and surprisingly Business orientation! I'm freaking out am I still eligible to go to Commerce level II???
I don't even understand how I failed business orientation! I did all of the assignment except for one assignment which was taking a picture in front of an office!! does anyone have an idea how to apply for an appeal or what to do 'cause I'm about to have a nervous breakdown

Thank you
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Since the add/drop deadline is today you should probably register for the orientation class again. Are you 100% sure it was that you didn't take a photo? Was that photo required for some bigger assignment? Why don't you email the prof to find out exactly what made you fail? You can still continue if you fail math according to the undergradate calendar.

Mannola says thanks to Imperious for this post.
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I'm assuming this is the reason because someone told me I had to do all of the assignments to pass the course. No it wasn't for any project and the whole course is for no credit but it's a required course. I tried to contact the instructor during the semester but she didn't respond to my emails and I hope this time she responds by tomorrow :(
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I'm not sure if they have changed the requirements to continue into Commerce II, but this is what I found from the DeGroote website: http://ug.degroote.mcmaster. ca/reg...-requirements/ For Commerce 1DE0, I'm not sure if they had participation marks (having to attend events) that went towards the pass fail. They did in my year. I would say maybe talk to an academic advisor about your current situation.
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Step 1: Take a deep breath, you'll get through this. Don't worry! We'll help you out and you'll get this resolved.

Step 2: Academic Advisors are your friend. They are very helpful, especially for situations like this. They have access to your grades and student file, so they can see exactly what situation you're in and be able to give you indepth advice.

Academic Advisors for business:
  • Lori Hill
  • Lori Johnston
  • Barb Pegg
  • Angela Fortino

To make an appointment with an academic advisor, book using OSCARplus or call 905-525-9140 ext. 24433.

Office hours are:
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

They also have a drop-off box outside their office door for after hours drop offs.

http://ug.degroote.mcmaster. ca/contact/

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