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Fake Extracurricular Activities?

Old 10-11-2009 at 01:01 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by Allan View Post
Are there any good extra-curricular activities that I can fake on a resume?
Or any clubs/organizations that require no commitment?

I've only joined 'Professional Engineers of Ontario' so far, that's free and requires no commitment.

Ahaha WOW I'm actually impressed with your honesty... if it wasn't for resume padding, well, there probably wouldn't be half the clubs/student societies there currently are. The difference between you and everyone else is that your interest is completely lacking... at least fake it man! What are you going to do when someone asks you about it when applying for a job? You'll just look like a dishonest prick that interviews are designed to filter out and not a "Professional Engineer"! Just food for thought.

Seriously though, how about you look into like mail order degrees? You could be a doctor of mixology http://www.bartendingonline. com/ or an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church! on ! The best part about the latter is that you can't call someone out about it because of the sensitive nature of the subject!

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I agree with what the others have said.
A lot of clubs on campus only take an hour or two of committment a week. That's not too bad. That way, when an interviewer asks you what you did at the club, you'll have something to tell them.
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Originally Posted by huzaifa47 View Post
The title of this thread had me incredibly all riled up! Thank god I am too tired after my night shift mayhem to go on a rant about how angry and at the same time I am at this intention! As Fadil said it is just horrible! Join an extra curricular club or opportunity you might like and give it your 100%! You are missing the point of extra curriculars if you think they are just for resume padding!

But hey! at least I applaud you for your honesty! Its better then people from certain faculties who need resume padding for certain "future ventures"(We all know what I'm talking about!) and then pretend to care about a cause or a club. Its not just my observation, it is a view shared by alot of people in those faculties as well; heck! One guy at my Summer Orientation for FYEO program even told me that "I'm only doing this because my med school application requires 60 charachter points" :@

I know someone will reply saying its the nature of the beast; but the reply to that is that you don't have to use that excuse! Even if you don't believe in a random social justice club at least give it your best shot! Prove that you have bloody "Charachter".

I know there are exceptions to this case but they are increasingly becoming rare! For Faculties that don't really need resume padding the people in it just don't sign up for anything or show up! (Eg: SocSci) but utilitarian-wise that apathy is better then someone showing up with half a heart and messing the whole thing up because he isn't committed.

I actually was pretty happy these days that out of the 100+ People I harassed during Welcome Week to run for FYC two of them actually ended up running and winning after many second thoughts even though they looked like one of those who would never really participate in anything and their 4 years would be a blur of random acquaintances, parties, hangovers and a piece of paper at the end that told them they had graduated! THEN I saw this post

Be a part of something bigger!

I could not write that much on a post if I was fresh!

As for fake extra curricular, just go do join one of the thousands clubs we have at mac. Most of em barely require much commitment. When u fake extra-curricular, its really disrespectful towards the people who are actually doing those. Plus, do you really want to start your career with a lie?
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Allan, read this article:

As should everyone, really.
McMaster Combined Honours Cultural Studies & Critical Theory and Anthropology: 2008
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Lying on your resume, even about something you think is small, is very risky. If you get asked about it, the interviewer will probably know you're lying. There's no way you'd get the job after that.

I would guess that a shorter, truthful resume is better compared to a longer, untruthful resume.
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Originally Posted by huzaifa47 View Post
One guy at my Summer Orientation for FYEO program even told me that "I'm only doing this because my med school application requires 60 charachter points" :@

I know someone will reply saying its the nature of the beast; but the reply to that is that you don't have to use that excuse! Even if you don't believe in a random social justice club at least give it your best shot! Prove that you have bloody "Charachter".
I am 100% totally with you here, and I completely agree with you .. but it's character not charachter.
Sorry, I don't have AMAZING spelling/grammar either, and I know you were exhausted .. but it was driving me CRAZY =P especially when bolded. Sorry!! I couldn't help it!! Ahhh!!!

Anyway, I remember .. in my last year of high school, a few of my classmates and I were nominated to be Rotary Medalists (which is pretty much based on contributions to the community). We were to write a small "resume" about what we had done to contribute to the community while we had attended the school. I barely had enough room on the page, even after I compressed the margins, and I ended up having to continue it on a second page and just paste the stub from the second page on to the end of the first. I even ended up omitting a few experiences in favour of more significant ones. Students were supposed to look at the "resumes" and vote for whoever they thought was most worthy. Every other person had a fair number of community contributions too, so I thought whoever ended up winning would definitely deserve it .. I thought we were pretty much all equally deserving of it.

Then, a week later, I found out that at least 2 of the other girls who had been nominated had pretty much bullshitted the entire thing. They kissed ass to the teachers, and attended student council meetings, but faked most of their other community involvement. Not only had they not done most of the things they listed, those "organizations" did not even exist. How did I find out? They were bragging about it, and actually boasting about how most of it was bullshit, to me and their other close friends.

I was pretty rattled at first, but secretly hoped that somebody would actually check and see that these "volunteer organizations" did not even exist. After all, how could something like that go completely unnoticed? Literally a page of fake volunteer experience and community involvement? But in the end, one of the girls who faked her involvement ended up winning. It was like she was spitting on the faces of the other nominees who had ACTUALLY done everything they had listed. Not only did the rest of us actually do the things we said we did, we actually put a lot of effort into them as well. And the fact that she WON kind of verified the fact that she could actually get away with that kind of bullshitting.

Anyway, this is kind of offtopic, but I have waited for years to share that story =P. It just shows that people who fake this kind of shit can actually get away with it, and take opportunities away from people who genuinely care about the causes they support. It sucks how unjust things can be sometimes!!
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If you can't handle joining a club with a 2 hour commitment per week, why are you applying for a job?

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