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Hello + Review

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Hello + Review
Hey guys, my name is GT (short for a really long name).
I'm a 5th year computer sci/commerce double major at Mac (lots of work), so after seeing this site I have some constructive criticism to make.

I would have to agree with the previous poster (john) when he said that Online Communities at Mac are overexhausted. From a commercial standpoint, there are services out there that offer everything that MacInsiders does. I mean, we have WebCT and Learnlink aptly take care of academics, and we have facebook to network with friends in our programs/courses. The admin said that WebCT and Learnlink are not open to all students? I thought every student that was enrolled in a course had access.

One scary part that may deter people from partaking in the useful parts of this site (photo gallery etc) is due to the fact that anybody from the public can register for MacInsiders. I mean, I personally wouldnt want some 60 year old pedophile looking at my pics. Maybe restrict registration to mac students?

Getting rid of the forum is a very good idea, as I'd love to see your creative new form of questions/answer system. I also particulary frowned on the fact that the newsfeeder bots make up 90% of the posts on this site. Newsfeeders are an artificial way of boosting post count, and also affect the "latest posts" feed displayed on the main page. An RSS reader/collation script would probably be a more suitable solution (loaded in an iframe of course, to not delay main page loading time), rather than updating the forum with latest news.

Excellent idea. Quite possibly the most intuitive part of this site.

Ah, good old VB Arcade. Good time pass, but you should look into getting some more games.


There was a need for promoting club interaction at Mac. This is the only real area(and marketplace) that are bringing something actually innovative to the McMaster Community. I think the club sections should be the main focus of your website, as nothing exists(facebook, webct, LL) that covers this area.

9/10, excellent graphics work. A high point for this site. Maybe incorporate some more McMaster feel?

I hope I wasnt too harsh with my comments, and I hope you can use them to make undrgrads a better site. In a sense, this site has many features that are offered by other, larger sites, but the club promotions is a smart idea.
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