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Jeff RENAUD has been missing since the early morning hours of January 26, 2009. Jeff left his cell phone and computer at his student residence. Jeff's whereabouts are unknown. We need to confirm Jeff's wellbeing. If you know where Jeff is, or you have heard from him since Monday January 26, 2009 please contact Detective Dave Oleniuk at 905-546-3821 or Detective Sergeant Dave Beech at 905-546-3833 (pager 905-314-1847). Please Help!

You can also join the facebook group for more information.
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please also join his facebook group for additional info 9533&ref=ts
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What!? Oh no!! He was my Hedden frosh!!!!!
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I pray for him. I hope he is okay.

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Thank you SOOO much for posting this!

Jeff is my neighbour, and the more people that are looking for him, the better
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went to the facebook group
According to one article printed in the Windsor Star, he left most of his belonging, except for a knapsack in his room. And he used his ATM to withdraw cash the day he went missing. He was also SEEN ON VIDEO boarding a bus to TORONTO.

If I was anyone involved with this (like a police officer or something), I'd contact the Toronto police, put up signs, inform the press (newspaper, TV, radio) in TORONTO.

(capitals indicate emphasis, not shouting or anything)
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I'm pretty sure the Police in Toronto know about it, when someone goes missing the pictures and reports are sent out far and wide.
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In case anyone is wondering...the McMaster Daily News was UNINTERESTED in this. I wrote an article for them and submitted it...and they have yet to post it.

I know I sound like a pretentious shit disturber right now....but c'mon....LAME.
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Poor guy. I really, really hope that he's okay.

Spec Article from todays paper
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Wow, Im speechless after reading that article..I hope he's safe and okay..I could see that he is under a great amount of pressure..first kid off to uni, clearly the man of the house until he left..I feel bad for his bros, and his mom especially..and to continue in university, a whole year after getting kicked out..that sucks...all we can hope is the best

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I got this message from Jeff's mother via facebook...

I am wondering if you are in the same program as Jeff, and if you do any online gaming. I am loking for someone that jeff has played against for a while 4 yrs .living in Mississauga

there has to be someone out there Jeffs been gaming with. No one from the house knows either and if you have any freinds and family in the Toronto area or on the police force could you please ask them and send them Jeffs face book page.

If anyone has this information, contact the people listed above!
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What's the update/status on this story? Any progress made by police officials?
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The last I've seen on this was what was in the spectator article. Otherwise, I believe it's just what the family is doing. Still no word on his whereabouts but I know that the family and friends of the family are really doing a lot to head up this task.
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Some new information via The Hamilton Spectator

Seems he went to the US.
Old 08-05-2009 at 02:37 PM   #15
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GOOD NEWS!! It is his birthday today and apparently he has called home!!!!!

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