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Midterm Recess

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Midterm Recess

Sorry if this is a super lame question...but I don't know anyone in university...

What is midterm recess? Is that reading week? And do midterms occur before this recess?
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Haha, no worries! We were all there at one point. Yes, midterm recess is reading week in February. Midterms do not have to occur before reading week, but for most of my classes they did. I honestly prefer that, so I can actually enjoy my break instead of studying for most of the week and slightly stressing out.

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In my experience, the last week of February (the week AFTER reading week) is the worst week of the year - it's always been when all of my midterms/assignments happen. Depends on your courses.

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As herbs mentioned midterm recess is reading week. It usually occurs whenever Family Day holiday is. Some but not all would have midterms written before this week off. I do like that idea that midterms are written prior to this, less stress...
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Reading Week is the traditional midterm recess, which is just a break. A week off school. Note though that there will be one at the end of October as well.

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A new thing that the MSU is doing this year is a mid-term recess/break in first-term as well, which is basically 2 weekdays off school - Oct 31 and November 1st this year.
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We get Halloween off!!!!!!! :.))))))))
Party, anyone?

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Generally first year Life Science seems to have around 1 midterm every single week after the 1st month each term (depending on what classes you chose in particular of course). So you'll likely have midterms both right before reading week and right after too, but it'll be manageable. Just do your best and you'll still be able to enjoy these breaks =D!
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