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Opinions about Psych 1XX3

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Opinions about Psych 1XX3
I was wondering if anyone who had previously taken this course could elaborate on what it covered and how the assessments/tests/exams were broken down (ie: multiple choice or not). And how easy did you find the course to be?
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i was wondering the same thing.. i heard it's a lot of group work..
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Here is the review of the course.. I think I wrote it shortly after the exam. Now, I think I enjoyed the course and the group problem was no problem for me though it could be hard because it is kind of a large group (5 people), it lasts almost the entire semester and there are 3 or 4 evaluations. My group got good marks for the projects though and was a mark booster for me.
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Psych 1XX3 was a great course! It's much more interesting than 1X03, although the content gets a bit tougher as well (it's well worth it!). Format is much like 1X03; multiple choice midterm, multiple choice exam. As mentioned above, there's a group assignment that lasts the whole semester. I found it to be a much better assignment than the one in first term, since the paper you write is much more interesting and you can stumble on a lot of interesting facts in your research. This one has a presentation with it as well, which went well for most people I know.

Overall, great course!! The more you're interested in it, the easier it seems (same goes for all psychology courses, if not all courses in general). I based my major on this course, and I don't regret it. So stay on top of the modules!! and make the content fun for yourself. It's a great course to study in groups, so I recommend you do that whenever assessments come along.
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Hey, I am a TA for this course, and well I also based my major off this course. I absolutely loved it. Essentially it focuses on neuroscience and we will cover all the senses (so vision, audition, taste, touch, and smell).

This course may be harder than Psych 1X03, as that there is a lot of material that will be covered, however some with prior biology knowlege may find it easier.

Also Dr.Kim is planning on holding one live lecture a week as well, so it will not solely be online lecturing. Do expect the assignments to be harder though, they will no longer be online, but instead written reports (Make sure you know your APA by now!)

jc24, ~*Sara*~ all say thanks to ayan110 for this post.
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Laydee Death
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I enjoyed the course a lot! Personally, I thought it was better than 1X03 and it's more or less on the same difficulty level as first term psych. There is a group project, but if you have the right group members that contribute to an equal amount of work, it's really easy to finish it off. The content is more bio-related and focuses solely on neuroscience and the brain. It's quite interesting, and you should take the course if you like that kind of stuff also if you took first-year kin, you'll have an easier time understanding the material =)

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